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Ultimate Song Justice: Best of the 2010s Edition (REVEALS!!!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. I'll search for it but I'm sure I didn't write one for Small Bill$ so lemme do it now.

    Regina took her sweet time before releasing Remember Us To Life and to be honest I was making peace with the fact that in each Regina album there are 3-4 songs I absolutely adore and... 5-6 songs which are competent but i couldn't care less about. When she came back with Bleeding Heart I was still in this "Oh cute" mindset, unaware of the fact that she would have dick-slapped me hard with Small Bill$ a few weeks later.

    She really went and made a rap song using an orchestra and Eastern European flourishes. Her mind! She stomped on my neck until I admitted that I was underestimating her. The production is immaculate, the lyrics honestly a gag, the outro? *chef's kiss*

    But it wasn't enough for her, oh no she wanted to slap me even harder, and so she released another song a few weeks later that literally said "fuck @Verandi's drag". Place your bets girls.

    I don't know, it's my thing, it comes naturally x
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  2. Ughhh Remember Us To Life was such a return to form and then some! I mean even the album art was phenomenal! I've now spent the past two hours watching Regina videos on youtube. She's such a talent and I regret not including her on my own list!
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  3. A guy in a bar once told me I looked like Regina Spektor and I still haven’t worked out if he was a straight man flirting or a gay man just throwing me a compliment.
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  4. I had to take it off my albums' list so I compensated with the singles but yeah it's become my fave Regina album. Almost filler-free.
  5. So happy seeing this here! Thanks @Slice of Life! One of the best things Hayley has ever written and one of her best vocal performances - and that's saying something! The production is absolutely gorgeous and the lyrics are heartbreaking. If this song doesn't move you, you have no soul. It was robbed in the Paramore rate and I will forever be bitter.
    YAS spread the gospel of Tonight Alive everywhere!!! And picking my favorite song by the I love and definitely recommend PVRIS as well, and will be adding Courage My Love to my own list.
    Also Slicey, if you need to listen to Fall Out Boy's post-2013 albums (same, but I haven't listened to any of their's in full) I hope you'll be doing the FOB rate being hosted by @ohnostalgia (I'm assuming?) later this year.
    About Tegan & Sara - everyone go listen to Hey, I'm Just Like You! It's one of my favorite albums of last year.
    Oof. I was hoping this might have pulled another voter. Sabrina has been a huge fave of mine for a while. I hosted her rate for my first go as a host, and it was a wonderful experience, and this was almost my 11. I went with a different song at the time cause I had just gone through a breakup, but overtime this revealed itself to be my true favorite Sabrina song so far. The beginning just pulls you in with the delicate piano and her lower-range vocals, giving an initmate feel to the song. Once the strings come in for the chorus, yu know you're in for something special, and this is quickly proven when this kind of but not really drop comes in for the second part of the chorus and it suddenly becomes this moody, electro-pop BOP that you wanna dance to, while never losing it's emotion. The bridge is one of my favoritie moments, giving the song and you a chance to slow down and breathe with a great vocal moment from her before launching right into the chorus again with her belted "Oh you're scaaaaaareeeeed!", then a tightly pronounced "I'm ner-vus", before finishing the chorus. Sabrina's sometimes kooky pronounciation has actually always been one of my favorite things about her, and I think there are some moments in this song where that's showcased. If you haven't listened to much of her music, I definitely recommend this song to start you off.
    Okay, wait at your wonderful taste @Riiiiiiiii! This is definitely one of her best songs this decade. The production is beautiful and I love her voice on it. I hope you'll come support it in the second half of my rate.
  6. Wait, there's a Fall Out Boy rate coming? I'm preparing my scores right away. Oh, and you'll love Courage My Love @Music Is Life. Their evolution isn't dissimilar to PVRIS, first starting out as a pop-punkish band then adding poppier influences into the mix. Their latest album even gave me Taylor Swift (1989 era) vibes at times.

  7. Yeah, but not for a bit I think, cause of how busy @ohnostalgia is right now.
    And thanks for letting me know! Sounds exactly like my things.
    Also weirdly, this tag didn't work for me.
  8. It probably didn't work because I first made the post then edited it to add the tag and the song oop
  9. Ahhh okay haha.
  10. Skyfall obviously doesn't reach the highs of many other Adele songs, but I love it. For a long time it was the only thing I would listen to while working on creative projects.
  11. I am thrilled you added it. It was my runnerup for an ADELE pick so I am glad it got chosen anyway. Such a strong song!
  12. This trilogy of Rewind, Ride and Rooting For My Baby... whew! Rewind and Ride both are elevens and in the top 3 of the best songs they ever made.

    I love how atypical Rooting For My Baby is for Miley, especially on thàt album. I still can't believe it was just a bonus track because it's one of the most beautiful songs ever made when it comes to loving someone unconditionally.
  13. Ride is quite possibly my favorite Ciara song but I have so many.
  14. I’m going to see if I can prepare graphics and stuff ahead of time so that I might be able to run it at the same time as either this countdown or the 2000s sequel. I don’t want to lose the enthusiasm for the countdowns, but I would like to get part 1 going sometime this year. I already have a song list which I can post in the rate queue if people want to get a super early head start.
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  15. Ooo sounds great! We literally don't deserve you though.
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  16. NAWT me taking this off my list because I didn’t think it would get any other votes! Her best song. We need a Regina rate.
  17. Shame on you! I actually took off a couple of songs from my list because I expected them to be picked by someone else.

    *sweats thinking about Figure 8*
  18. aux


    A FROOTY song took her place, sorry about it!
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  19. Guess you could do

    The layers.
  20. #705
    8 points

    "Way slow / Let the records play low like the sun goes way low"

    Voted By: @beyoncésweave
    Release Date: August 8, 2014
    Country of Origin: United States

    Artist Appearance: 2nd

    This is one of two songs on my list that are completely enchanting. This manages it with a very particular trick. Until that point, there’s a very considered, rippling beat with the loveliest of vocal effects filtered in, almost jerking you in and out of a dazed half-consciousness and being awake. The words are about this warm serenity—it practically conjures up a lazy Sunday afternoon for you, sun dappling on the water you’re drawing circles with your feet in. The trick is that spark, two-thirds of the way in, which sets the whole thing alight in this dazzling glitter. As you bask in its glow, the song continues contentedly towards its very affecting end. It’s such a remarkable piece of music; almost unexpected from an artist like her, and doing a lot of invisible legwork in making The Fool such a vital album. But it’s hard to get away from what it is first and foremost: enchanting.​

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