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Ultravox UK Singles Rate 1977-1987 (ULTRAVOX NUMBER 1 REVEALED)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Re: John Foxx "Endlessly". This was released two times in two different versions. You linked the first single from 1982 which is very psychedelic. In 1983 he released it again with an edit of the poppier album version and a KILLER 12" MIX! (different b-side also).
    For your consideration: The original video for the 2nd version (shoddy quality) and the amazing 12" version (which is one of the best 12" remixes of the early 1980´s)
    Should we rate both single versions?

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  2. [​IMG]
    Europe After The Rain Entered Chart 62-40-41-47-58 Peak 40 Weeks On Chart 5
    I personally don't like this track. Very lacklustre.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Dancing Like A Gun UK Chart Position DNC.
    Strong synth led track here. This is one of his tracks I have never listened to before and really love it.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Endlessly 1982 UK Chart Position DNC
    Not as poppy as the 1983 remix I can't make up my mind which I prefer.
    Endlessly (Remix) Entered Chart 02/07/83 72-66-72 Peak 66 Weeks On Chart 3
    Please see above listing to hear the remix.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Your Dress Entered Chart 17/09/83 61 Peak 61 Weeks On Chart 1
    This is John's last charting single here in the UK. Superb piece of synth pop. Another poor chart position Your Dress was worth a lot more.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Like A Miracle/Wings & A Wind UK Chart Position Did Not Chart.
    Another very strong entry in Foxx's catalogue. I like the build of this song.
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  7. @simes1970 - judging by the commentary in your reviews, I think we're going to be polar opposites. I love all the ones you don't like much....
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  8. [​IMG]
    Enter The Angel UK Chart Position Did Not Chart
    By no means his best single release it is pleasant enough but doesn't have that hook for me.
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  9. [​IMG]
    Stars On Fire UK Chart Position Did Not Chart.
    Sorry to say this doesn't click for me at all.The weakest single of them all, but that doesn't mean it's a low score, just not my cup of tea so to speak.
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  10. Tomorrow I shall start to look at Midge's Solo Tracks.
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  11. I've been listening to Ultravox in the car for the last week.
    "Vienna" is still my favourite album

    Interesting to hear other PJ'ers views on this. During 1980 to 1984 they made four great albums with Midge Ure.
    The albums "Vienna" and "Quartet" had four singles released. "Lament" had three UK singles and "White China" would have made an excellent fourth single. Now, 1981's "Rage in Eden" had two singles but I always thought they should have released four:

    "The Thin Wall" in Aug 1981
    "The Voice" in Nov 1981
    ??? in Jan 1982
    ??? in Apr 1982

    What do you think should have been the two singles?
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  12. I Never Wanted To Begin gets an extended mix on the CD edition of Rage In Eden, so I wonder if that was planned at some stage for single release.
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  13. I saw Ultravox in 2009 at Hammersmith Odeon when they re-formed for the "Return to Eden" tour. They were so good. Billy Currie's laptop/keyboard gave in at the start of the "Sleepwalk" instrumental break and Midge had to jump in. They laughed about it but they were so professional and carried on and then apologised afterwards.
  14. White China could easily have been a 4th single from Lament, but I suppose they wanted to go with the rush-released Singles Collection, and a new track sold that better than an existing one.
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  15. Ha, I´m the same. Europe After The Rain is a favourite while Miles Away is better listened to from miles away.
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  16. [​IMG]
    No Regrets Entered Chart 12/06/82 73-27-19-11-9-11-19-26-53-75 Peak 9 Weeks On Chart 10
    I don't think I have ever heard a truly terrible version of No Regrets and this synth version here from Midge falls into the excellent. For a cover version this is superb.
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  17. [​IMG]
    After A Fashion Entered Chart 09/07/83 43-39-39-58 Peak 39 Weeks On Chart 4
    Superbly crafted piece of music from Ure and Japan's Karn. It's chart position was a travesty.
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  18. [​IMG]
    If I Was Entered Chart 14/09/85 29-8-4-1-2-2-8-16-24-37-58 Peak 1 Weeks On Chart 11
    Here we go Midge's solo No1. I have always enjoyed the video to this track which I find more appealing than the song itself. It's a well written track but something is missing and I have never been able to put my finger on what.
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  19. [​IMG]
    That Certain Smile Entered Chart 16/11/85 39-28-34-47 Peak 28 Weeks On Chart 4
    Pleasant enough track but my fault with this is the exact same guitar rift used for his number one can be heard here.
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  20. Europe After The Rain is probably my favourite of his singles. It's a beautifully understated track.
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