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Ultravox UK Singles Rate 1977-1987 (ULTRAVOX NUMBER 1 REVEALED)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]
    Wastelands Entered Chart 08/02/86 46-52-65 Peak 46 Weeks On Chart 3
    My favourite track from the Gift LP. Atmospheric and great synth and build up to the chorus.
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  2. I may need to relisten to Europe After The Rain before scoring and just make sure I am not missing anything.
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  3. Let me help you....

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  4. I love the title as it invokes the beautiful, surreal painting of the same name by Max Ernst. Listening to Foxx while watching Ernst paintings is something I can´t recommend enough.
    The bassline in comparison to the dreamy, but driving piano and his multi-layered vocals are pure bliss.
    Also: This Jungle on the b-side is great as it evokes the aftermath of Europe After The Rain, when the cities are totally overgrown by lush vegetation. Razor sharp guitars, amazing drum machine and WHISTLING! Oh, I should keep my gushing for the run-downs.
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  5. That's Sunshine Patterson on piano in that performance from the criminally underrated Eddie & Sunshine.
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  6. Parts of Midge Ure's debut solo set The Gift tried a few things that weren't like Ultravox, but the singles choices didn't inspire all that much and the 1985/86 solo 45s just blend in with the U-Vox comeback material.
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  7. I agree...but I don't want to say too much - just like @TrendyMüller - I'm trying to keep my opinions until the countdown!!
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  8. I still liked most of them, but the pattern (as far as the public was concerned) seemed to suggest the appeal was losing its shine. As Q Magazine famously said of U-Vox, what was the point in making a band album that sounded so interchangeable with his solo work (and vice versa).
  9. I have absolutely no knowledge of Ultravox after 1984 and the only Ure single I know is If I Was (because you just couldn´t escape it). Foxx was also losing his magic at that time.
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  10. One could say the same about Genesis and Phil Collins at the time - but somehow it seemed to work very well - the record buying public liked both....I often thought that The Police and Sting should have done the same - it would have been very interesting to see where The Police would have gone after the "Synchronicity" album...
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  11. Copeland and Summers: "So, about the next album..."
    Sting: "Well I had a dream about some blue turtles...."
    Copeland and Summers: "OH FUCK OFF!".
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  12. [​IMG]
    Call Of The Wild Entered Chart 07/06/86 46-36-29-27-28-27-37-52 Peak 27 Weeks On Chart 8
    A non album single until it was added to a re-release of The Gift. I don't know what it is about this track but I love it and to be honest I don't know why. There is just something about the song that has this as my favourite Ure solo track.
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  13. [​IMG]
    Answers To Nothing Entered Chart 20/08/1988 69-55-49-64 Peak 49 Weeks On Chart 4
    Not an inspiring choice as a lead track from Midge Ure's second long player Answers. There are far better tracks on there like Hell To Heaven and his duet with Kate Bush Sister & Brother.
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  14. [​IMG]
    Dear God Entered Chart 19/11/88 73-55-55-62 Peak 55 Weeks On Chart 4
    I don't mind this single. A little preachy yes and it suffers from being too long, A more concise 4 minutes and I think this track could have made Top 40. But as I said above either Ure himself or the record company did not pick the correct tracks for singles.
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  15. I like Call of the Wild a lot too!

    The failure of the Answers To Nothing album was quite a surprise to say the least. The Gift had made #2, and even the leaden U-Vox went top 10.
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  16. Dear God was just too predictable. Oh, the Band Aid bloke going on about starving people again.
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  17. [​IMG]
    Cold Cold Heart Entered Chart 17/08/91 31-19-17-19-29-47-75 Peak 17 Weeks On Chart 7
    First track to be taken from the LP Pure, this was Midge's first release on Arista Records. The best thing that I can say about Cold Cold Heart is that it is a nice but forgettable song.
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  18. [​IMG]
    I See Hope In The Morning Light Did Not Chart
    I would have thought after Dear God the new record company wouldn't have gone with another preachy type record, problem being I suppose the LP itself Pure is all about redemption so there wasn't really any other singles on that album bar Cold Cold Heart.
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  19. Pure, and the lead single, were seen as a bit of a change in direction, or at least a switch to a lighter approach. Cold Cold Heart got quite a bit of airplay, as I recall, although the public still resisted his albums. These two made for a quite a nice pair of singles.
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  20. There that is your lot. Now to go through everything at least twice for me and see if my initial scores stand or any changes to be made. Good News is your scores aren't due until Monday 1st May so you have just over 3 weeks to calculate and decide. Now time for discussion, Is it Foxx's or Ure's Ultravox that you have as your favourite? The singles from John Foxx or Midge Ure which do you go back too the most often?. Are there any tracks that should have seen a single release? If you think there is add them for others to listen.
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