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Ultravox UK Singles Rate 1977-1987 (ULTRAVOX NUMBER 1 REVEALED)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Just to start here is the excellent Ure/Bush Sister & Brother
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  2. I definitely agree that Sister And Brother should have been a single. In fact, it was remixed and scheduled to be a single, only for it to be pulled at the last moment. No idea why. Did Kate say no? Did EMI just think that after 2 flops, it wasn't worth the bother? Strange. I have a promo edition of the 2CD Answers definitive edition, and the mix is on there along with two other work-in-progress versions.
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  3. Both this and Hell To Heaven are my favourite tracks from Answers, the funny thing is I find this a far better album than the Gift. Has more variety about it.
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  4. The amazing Metamatic album track Mr. No was released as a 12" single in 2005 (!) with the original version and a Joakim remix (which is sadly not on YT).

    After his retreat from music Foxx was lured back to music by acid-house and the Detroit scene. He teamed up with Tim Simenon of Bomb The Bass (who´s a huge Foxx fan) as Nation 12.
    Their 12" Remember is basically a split single with Remember being a classic Foxx track with a high-tec sheen, while Listen To The Drummer is a pure Bomb The Bass breakbeat track.
    Don´t know if this qualifies for inclusion (probably not, as it is not billed as a John Foxx solo effort).

    Since 2010 Foxx is super productive with John Foxx & The Maths (everything highly recommended). People who like early John Foxx should also not miss his work with Jori Hulkkonen. Their European Splendor EP even contains a David Lynch remix!

    Songs that should have been singles? Too many.
    What about Flightpath Tegel?!

    And if you want to spend some time in the presence of the man himself: Here is a great interview with him from last year.
  5. I love the John Foxx & The Maths' stuff I've heard. Someone entered them in a PJOPS round and I had to go get the album immediately.

  6. From The LP Breathe this is yet another great 90s Midge Ure single that deserved more. Guns 'N' Arrows has vocals from Sally Dworsky and the great guitar work of Robert Fripp.
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  7. A German only single from the Lament LP Heart Of The Country.
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  8. How many people are taking part in this rate? Just so as I can get my sheets ready.
  9. I am hoping to!
  10. @simes1970 I am and should have my results in by the end of this week!
  11. OK I'm getting there. I have rated and commented on Ultravox both the John Foxx and Midge Ure years.
    Over the next couple of nights I will do the solo years of John Foxx and Midge Ure!
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  12. I've come to the conclusion that I prefer Midge Ure Ultravox to John Foxx Ultravox - no surprise.
    But when it comes to the solo singles - John Foxx out rates Midge Ure!
    Some of those John Foxx singles from 1983 to 1985 should have been massive UK top ten hits!
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  13. @simes1970 - just submitted my scores with commentary!
    Good luck with the reveal!
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  14. Now a little reveal of my own my plans for the next rate. I am thinking of doing Blancmange The Singles 1980-1986. Something of interest or not? I leave it up to you.
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  15. I should hopefully be taking part although I'm supposed to be moving again soon so not sure how my internet will hold out.
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  16. Oh yes! Only one of my favourite little bands.
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  17. I love a bit of Blancmange too! I'll be up for that rate!
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  18. Voting closes on Ultravox next Monday 5th May at 5PM. Look forward to getting your votes.
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  19. So I finished basic voting, but I haven´t decided on the 11s (and 12s?) yet. God, The Ure stuff was a drag to get through. Can I borrow the 11 and give it to Foxx? I have no idea how to rate one of his singles higher than 6 (and that´s me being very generous).
    So you will receive my votes by Monday.
  20. I'm having a Ure/Uvox binge, to get it all done in time. How many 12s and 11s are we allowed? Is it just one across all the songs, or 1 per band, Foxx and Ure solo?
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