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Una Healy - Strangers (New Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DoggySwami, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. Now that we have a title for the single, I thought we should celebrate the occasion with a new thread. It's not that usual for a former girlband member to release a second solo album!

    The single is called Never See Me Cry and is described as a poppier track than her previous country music. Una says it will appeal to Saturdays fans. It will be released this coming Friday.

  2. That cover looks...cheap.
  3. Her solo music isn't my cup of tea however I'm happy for Una and congrats on making it to full length album two. Quite an achievement for a former girl group member.
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  4. Disappointed to see this thread as we’re heading towards If This Is Love 10th Anniversary.

    I know the general public wouldn’t be here for it but it’s now or never for a reunion...
  5. The worse thing about this is that the photoshoot itself is beautiful but whoever did the cover art made it look terrible. Ah well. Excited for new music especially if it's poppier.
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  6. It seems like the official announcement is coming tomorrow. Perhaps we will also get more details on the album?

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  7. A.k.a. A.K.A by J Low.
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  8. Oh dear did someone press Send on a press release a day early?
  9. Considering the photoshoot is very pretty, that cover art is awful! Looking forward to hearing the song though.
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  10. Second Saturday to be dropped? She's no longer listed on Decca's roster.
  11. Oh. If it's more Pop, I'm curious.

    I think the cover looks absolutely fine, if a tad uninspired? Surely the reason why the text is all weird is because that's a bad quality rendition of the artwork, no?
  12. Oh is she getting a second album? This is good news!
  13. At least the preview sounds nice:
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  14. First solo tour announced!

  15. It doesn’t sound very pop from the little intro.
    Country uptempo, sure, but yeah not sure I’ll be digging this anymore than the rest of her solo material.
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  16. I’ll reserve judgement till I hear it but I’ve honestly never heard a more boring song than Stay My Love so I’m not exactly leaping to hear a second album
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  17. Manchester Deaf Institute??

    The song doesn’t sound particularly poppy but I’ll be heading to the gig for sure. Her show in the Dublin last year was brilliant even just for her between-song rambles.
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  18. I’m perched, particularly at the Saturday’s reference. I am expecting bops.
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  19. Happy for her but who thought she'd be the last solo Saturday standing? Vanessa's music career seems to have been put on pause since I'm a Celeb.
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