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Una Healy - Strangers (New Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DoggySwami, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. HER FACE scream.

  2. Why are all your posts so...french.
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  3. Honour Among Thieves is the other one but you’d never be able to tell.
  4. This rebound dick choice is exceptional. Good on you, sis.
  5. I mean she's stunning so she won't struggle to find the D if she wants to. Great choice! I hope her ex is seething.
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  6. I love the blond. She looks amazing!
  7. I was not ready for those Google Images results. Give us some warning, sis.

  8. Bloody hell Una. Well done, babes. I wish my husband cheated on me now, so I could get that rebound D.
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  9. She's not listed as being on the tracks but Gunship tweeted a pic of Una and said two tracks on the album feature vocals by her and named these two.

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  10. The Presenterdays.
  11. Guy


    I’m surprised we’re still being fed, since there’s only like 10 of us still checking tor her. I was just bopping to Never See Me Cry earlier today, too.
  12. Just when I was starting to lose hope! Very excited for her.
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  13. Listening to the track right now, and it's very clearly about Ben. Considering the lyrics, it's a pretty lovely track.
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  14. Guy


    The vocals are stunning. The best her voice has sounded since 2011.
    I think I’ll just keep bopping to Never See Me Cry & Battlelines, though.
  15. TMI


    Una has released a new song called "Strangers".

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  16. It's her best solo song thus far. I love Una doing pop and to me she leads some of the best Saturdays' tracks but her sound is so dull and mundane. The track definitely would've fit better with a piano instead of guitar.
  17. Una sounds absolutely beautiful on Strangers.
  18. TMI


    Never See Me Cry is a bop.
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