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Una Healy - Strangers (New Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DoggySwami, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. but please come back with The Saturdays fun bops first... #praying
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  2. His unawareness between "your" and "you're" just proves how much of a tool he is.
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  3. Is that actually real? Isn’t it easy to set up a fake account?

    EDIT: Wait, I just saw the blue tick next to his name.
  4. What a wanker.
  5. So the DJ played All Fired Up last night and wig is above water with fish nesting on it. A song.
  6. The PR girls denial is hilarious and specific: “All I can say is that it’s categorically untrue. I’ve never been to a party with Ben Foden and stayed up until 4am.”

    So she could have been to party that Ben Foden also attended and stayed up til 5am.
  7. Gorgeous Saturday strikes again.
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  8. She looks gorgeous. I've been revisiting some tracks from The Waiting Game lately and there are some really good songs on there. Namely Battlelines and Alarm Bells (which completely foreshadows this situation with Ben). I'd love if we got another album from her some day.
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  9. She’s going to be featuring on Gunships new album which is already shaping up to be brilliant - I hope her song is a good one.
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  10. It still really saddens me what happened to her... But I hope she manages to get another album out and continues to perform. Even though her debut wasn't 100% my cup of tea, it was rather lovely.
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  11. She's given her first interview since the split (which seems definitive) to Hello! Magazine.

    Also, I didn't know she's rumored to host the third season of Dancing With The Stars Ireland. That would be a very nice gig for her!
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  12. I've listened to the two songs she's featuring on in that GUNSHIP album, and oddly, she's actually not officially featuring on the title of the songs (while others are in other songs)? Anyway, regarding the songs, they're not really my cup of tea, but at least they're different to what she's been doing solo (or with the girls), so it makes for an interesting listen I guess.
  13. Yeah she’s not particularly prominent on the tracks - you can’t even tell it’s her to be honest. I really like Symetrical. But then I really like the 80s sound GUNSHIP do so well.
  14. wtf is GUNSHIP
  15. Full on 80s synth pop.

    They had Indiana on their list single, great song with some really nice nods to movies.

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  16. Apparently Una has a new beau:


    His name is Kenneth Guidroz and he is...quite a man.
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  17. Get that d, Una!
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  18. Una sis...!
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  19. TMI


    I can't stand this blond hair.

    What are the names of the songs you're talking about ? Symmetrical and ?
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