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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. For me, I’m quite happy with her appearing sparingly, it made her reappearance in the second episode she did for season 2 that much better. And it’s my favourite episode of the entire show!
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  2. Is it the gala episode? Because that's my favourite.
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  3. 100%.

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  4. I'm really not enjoying the storylines throughout the show. It's just so quick and forced. They set up so much at the end of Season 2, and it gets resolved in a minute in Season 3 to make way for other storylines that will be wrapped in a second on Season 4.
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  5. "I do the wordplay here, so stay in your Nathan Lane, Kim DMC."
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  6. I still love the show's humour in general, I just wish there was a single character who isn't totally goofballs. I think it would work way better if Kimmy was a bit more level-headed.
  7. Ugh, I love this show. Just watched 3x01 but already laughed out loud so much. This and VEEP are the only comedy shows I love in a long time.
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  9. I will say tho, I find it hilarious that Jenna Krakowski is basically Jenna from 30 Rock. Only Tina Fey could get away with this. Not that I care because she was the best part of 30 Rock and is the best part of Kimmy with Tituss, but still..
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  10. Tituss with the nerd boy from the store... "I'm only talking to you because of a bet" I can'ttttttttt. He's so good and really deserves an Emmy.
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  11. "I've only ever failed three tests: scoliosis, Turing, and lice."
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  12. I've finished the season and I'm still thinking about the Dionne Warwick episode.

    I simply can't process it dddd
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  13. "The little nubbs massage your throat on the way down"
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  14. The Dionne Warwick episode was an absolute fucking scream.
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  15. I haven't seen the finale yet, but episode 11 is my favourite so far, from the Mimi/Jacqueline team up at the apartment to Rachel Dratch and Rachel Dratch referencing Cynthia Nixon, and especially
    Tina Fey returning as Andrea and making me scream with every other line.
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  16. Man, that theme song is still so damn catchy in the best way possible.
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  17. The only netflix show's opening worth watching.
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  18. I really liked the direction for this season, less bunker, less cringe, and following the characters actually growing to be decent people is a nice change. My husband graduated from Columbia so we were ROLLING at some of the jokes at it's expense.

    I think this was the best season, I thought season 2 was awful and season one had some high highs but wasn't as consistent. Titus remains the STAR of this show by a long shot, but Jane was really great too this season. I just love all his story lines and how ridiculous they are. The Dionne Warwick episode was so fucking funny.
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  19. This season was better than season 2, but I don't feel anything tops season 1 yet. It was so silly and had so many laugh out loud moments in my opinion, maybe mostly because as it was so new and different in its quirks that it was hilarious.

    I kind of miss when Jane was just the typical uptown rich New York woman. It's nice I guess that they want to give her more depth and story, but it felt almost as if they were trying to keep her first season ways yet also make her more understanding and human, which doesn't clash properly.

    The season also did feel a bit disjointed, like it seemed there would be a big focus on Kimmy going to university based on the ads, but it kind of jumped back and forth on that didn't it?
  20. Yeah, I think the show has taken on a more episodic tone which I think works a bit better with how over the top the characters can be, it allows for more freedom per episode but at the expense of some broader storylines. I'm mostly into this show for a quick laugh, which is what I think it's strength is.
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