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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. I don't remember much about season 2 but I remember absolutely loving it. This season has many highs but also some filler episodes. Though as said before, the absence of bunker scenes is already a huge positive point.
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  2. "I know to you this is a whole new world"
    "Not Aladdin?"

  3. The ending of the last episode was so cute.
  4. I screamed at "LINDA? He named his baby Linda! That's not a baby's name; that's a name for an adult woman who works in Human Resources and says things like "Mondays...""
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  5. "The wind can be slow, Kimmy."
  6. I think I enjoyed series three the most out of all of them so far. The jokes aren't as tight as in series one, but S1 kind of lost steam towards the end and this didn't, for me. And I can't remember S2 much anyway.
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  7. Kimmy going "Who is Linda, his boss? Oh" at the dinner party killed me. Also
    "I will appear in your show Reflections"
    "It's called Profiles"
    hahahahaaha I miss it already.
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  8. Holy smokes. Just started reading through some of Miss Dionne's tweets. It's hard to tell when she's in on the joke, but it is GOLD.
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  9. I cackled when she claimed she doesn't know what a fax is.

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  10. Does anyone remember the exact wording of Titus' reference to a rather short US Olympic gymnastics star? I want to say it was something like:

    "That's like Simone Biles riding a rollercoaster after hours -- too little, too late."
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  11. Now listening to Hold Up, I automatically replace the actual lyrics with "something don't taste right, cos it ain't right, like when you take a sip of water and it turns out to be Sprite". Help.
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  12. That Cynthia Nixon joke pops into my head at least twice a day since I saw that particular episode and still makes me chuckle each time.
  13. I remember that there was a Cynthia Nixon reference, but I don't remember the line itself. Remind us? The jokes come fast and furious in this show. We need a Wiki listing all of them.
  14. The Rachel Dratches are discussing how they got together at the dinner party.
    "We met protesting Nixon", and the other Rachel Dratch cuts her wife off with a "...CYNTHIA Nixon" and then they talk about some kind of Sex and the City contract negotiation that I'm not familiar with. The unexpected conclusion to the protest line coupled with her delivery just killed me.

  15. Thank you! Yes, that was flippin hilarious.
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  16. The show continues being great this season, although they way they rushed
    Kimmy's exit from college was bizarre.

    I find myself singing this song so many times through the day...
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  17. I've up to the later part of the season and it definitely seems to find its feet half way through. I've laughed out loud a lot more than I did in season 2.
  18. This utterly killed me.
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  19. Renewed for season 4!
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