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Underrated Bops Of Yesteryear

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. I am a sucker for dance and pop anthems of yesteryear, namely from the 80's and 90's. But amongst those that always get mentioned, there are others alas long forgotten. Wha would you place as an underrated bop of yersteryer?

    I will start with this from 1993:

    Lulu plus Brothers In Rhythm equals perfection bop material.
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  2. So, so many amazing once massive hits have been lost in the mists of time. I could be here all day with dance music but one big pop hit that always occurs to me is

    Easily Top 5 Madonna for me. How I wish she had made a video for this and how I miss her full growly vocals!
  3. Oh yes, seriously epic! The Titanic Vocal Mix, is officially my favourite 12 mix ever!
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  4. And here it is!
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  5. I nearly posted that! "S-s-so now what?"

    I loved Madge's very short lived house era.
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  6. Me too, ended way too soon.
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  7. As much as I love Erotica I'd have loved a whole Shep Pettibone produced house album in 1992, it would have been epic.
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  8. That would have been the added sparkle on an otherwise near flawless album.
  9. A few more Deeper And Deeper and Rescue Me style bangers wouldn't have hurt!

    I'd rather have had those than Why's It So Hard, In This Life and Secret Garden... I love Erotica but it really does fizzle out like a damp squid.

  10. Got shown this recently and now like!
  11. Hurrah for Martika!

    One of my favourite late 80s teen queens. What a voice. And shiny bob.
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  12. Another criminally underrated (and unknown) bop from 1990

    One of my all time favourite songs.
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  14. It's kinda weird to think that this was actually a HIT and yet it's... forgotten? I love this song. What a great way to end The Immaculate Collection. Immaculate, indeed.

    I love Madonna's 1990-92 vocals - the speak/sing, lower register, somewhat sinister, Dita vocals.
  15. I know, Rescue Me deserves to be remembered and respected just as much as Justify My Love is.
  16. It's a far better record if you ask me!
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  17. I love both!
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  18. Justify My Love and Rescue Me are the two music twins that you cannot favour one over the other!
  19. Yes, it's hard to pick one over the other in that respect I agree.
  20. A early 90's gem that deserved to be so much more than a forgotten US top 20 hit. Its production sounds so European that it's astonishing how it didn't fare well on these shores.

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