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Underrated Bops Of Yesteryear

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Mar 28, 2017.

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  2. FUCKING HELL. This literally is SAW throwing everything at the production, isn't it?!
  3. Sure is! Gets me bopping each and every time.
  4. I've only heard the Laura Branigan version before today! I slugdropped immediately!

  5. May or not have already been posted, but this is just a joy!

  6. Vintage 80's Madonna.
  7. I always forget about Angel! I suspect Madonna has done as well, considering it was sizeable hit for her and it didn't appear on the Immaculate Conception!
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  8. Let's talk about this leviathan of a banger:

    Just as good- if not better- than Believe, and yet it has to live in it's shadow. Fucking amazing.
  9. A very important record too as it was SAW's first ever Top 10 hit!

    I adore their early HiNRG "everything including the kitchen sink" production for the gay clubs on the Hazell Dean, Divine and Dead Or Alive records! Hard to believe just a few years later they were churning out records for Sonia and Big Fun (as much as I like those too!)
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  10. Is 2010 considered 'yesteryear'?

    The album version of this is lovely, but the Freemasons Radio Mix is the definition of "putting a donk on it"!
  11. Yes, they went more bubblegum pop/teen bop as the 80's progressed. Still bops though as you say!
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  12. I agree. I love this more than Believe. The live performances are top-notch.
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  13. Not to mention he looks so fit here too! He he.
  14. Unfortunately I can't see him that way. He appeared with NSYNC on Blue Peter when I was kid and he was a dick to the presenters. It kind of put me off him, but I won't deny he's got some bops.
  15. He he, it' fine! We all have different tastes after all.

  16. Literally feel like this didn't do as well because Paul left. It still has that Don't Stop Movin' vibe. They were onto something, shame they didn't last one more album.
  17. YES to this! Amazing and so severely underrated.
  18. They should've done a mixture of the Rachel version and Jo. Same with Dance.
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  19. A very good suggestion that.
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