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Underrated Bops Of Yesteryear

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Mid 80's pop rock delight from Ms Easton.
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  2. Just as good as Touch Me.
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  3. I only knew the Double You version (with whom they followed up their cover of Please Don't Go) but the original is a quite understated disco bop.

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  6. Outside of Australia (where it was their biggest single and only #1 single), New Zealand and France:

    I can listen to this on repeat.
  7. Forget 'Funky Town':

  8. I so wish early INXS had been bigger in the UK. They had so many classics.
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  9. Yep. I think they peaked in '83/'84, though I also liked 'By My Side' a lot.
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  10. I guess as they were so big in Australia by the time of Kick perhaps fatigue set in? But that was an almost perfect album. They never had a UK Top 40 hit until Kick. I think 'New sensation' was their first. They were never quite so good after but still had loads of great singles. I always regretted never seeing them live.
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  11. Early 90's New Jack Swing Jam from the King Of Pop.
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  12. Oh y'all wanted some New Jack Swing?

    Apologies, but I could not resist. What a song! What a woman! What a dress!

    Paging @idratherjack for emergency slugdropping!
  13. My slug is well and truly dropped!

    Kylie will never top this anthem for the ages.
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  14. What Kind Of Fool begs to differ! Ha ha! #UnapologeticStan.
  15. Criminally underrated second album Into The Skyline - so many great tracks - shame her "moment" had passed although I recall Irresistable and Why (dramatically remixed and released much later) did improve (slightly) on the UK chart placing of this lead single.
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  16. Indeed! Her ultimate flop bop!
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  17. Australian group's last top 40 single (#36) locally, from 1989:

  18. Did anyone else stan this track back in 04? It was peak middle school inspiration cheese for me.
  19. What ever happened to her?
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