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Underrated Bops Of Yesteryear

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. I have the album, which is decent. But lord, who didn't cover It's Your Love!
  2. How come I never heard of this German 80's electro pop duo before? Boptastic tunes galore!


  3. Got to present, the great Miss Jody Watley. What a joy this woman is.
  4. Side A of Cherrelle's Affair album is non-stop Jam & Lewis 'Rhythm Nation-style' bops

  5. Instantly good already.
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  6. SUCH a great album, I was mortified when it flopped.
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  7. Understated bop with Terence Trent D'Arby/John Nemwan ish vocals

  8. I heard this today and literally had to stop my car to shazam it. What a banger. I thought it was Stacey Q!

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  9. A timeless classic. I can understand why you might have thought that as Dame Patsy Kensit shares Stacey Q's barely there voice. It's not a coincidence they are two of my favourite singers.
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  10. PSB's best song!
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  11. Paulina Rubio "Boys Will Be Boys" produced by RedOne:


  12. Gets better each and every time.
  13. The finest moment for Keren’s hair in Nana History.
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  14. Poor Jacquie getting barely any screen time is amazing.
  15. It's the equivalent of when you start to treat the person you're seeing mean so that they dump you as you don't want to go through the ickyness of dumping them...
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  16. Yes, she looks fab here especially!
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  17. Agreed. I absolutely love this song. One of my favourite Banana tracks.
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  18. Now one of mine too, mad how badly it did.
  19. A number 75 smash! Although if I remember rightly, it was barely promoted. Perhaps because of Sara's pregnancy?

  20. This should have been a bigger hit (#26?) for Ellie Campbell. I really liked her four singles.
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