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Underrated Queens of K-Pop: The Rate [The FLOPNALE - Winner Revealed]

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Aug 24, 2016.

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    YOU BET!!!


    Now all my back up 11s are eliminated. I_am_disgusted.gif

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  2. Glue vibrator (type and it stays) and sting can leave. These averages though!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Not both Dal Sl*ybet songs making it to the Top 10 after getting eviscerated in their own Heat! I've probably jinxed it but... kii.
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  6. In memorium of Windy Day I present one of my favorite music show moments of the year (probably second only to the High Heels Weave Incident:

  7. I didn't 'get' One More at first, but then the meaning of the song clicked with me and I've loved it ever since.

    Glue or Wild to leave next, please.








    Average Score: 9.17
    Heat 3 Placement: 3rd (av. 5.73)

    TAWP Gurls:
    *11* - @ajmkv
    10 - @Squashua @vikeyeol @D is for Danger! @ryan_riot92 @ThighHighs

    SASSY Gurls:
    7 - @Mikl C @Reboot



    Sticking on in there, and following suit with the recent spate of Muse Mistreatments, is the delicious yet lyrically downtrodden Glue. I'm really sad this little gem had to go because it's part of the reason i'm even in the KPJ sub-unit to this day (a good or a bad thing [by Purfles] depending on how you've found this rate so far). Whilst I was just a mere ghoster with only a small investment in the K-World, I remember seeing someone post Nine Muses' goodbye music show performance of Glue saying it was one of their favourites of all time. I'd hazard a guess it was probably @ajmkv? Let's say it was @ajmkv.

    The festively sexy ensemble, the Daft Punk disco stormer of a song, all the sad booty shaking under the heading of "Goodbye Stage". Like a present in a santa sack, this was the gift i'd been awaiting all of December for and I was flabbergasted that K-Pop had a number like this in its repertoire. Then I explored deeper and found all the other wonders in the game and OOP, you've got yourself a devoted K-Pop follower. Such is the power of the Muses.

    Glue as a title I've never been able to figure out completely. If it to do with patching yourself up after a hard break-up as the lyrics suggest then they must have gone down the nearest Staples & got a prit-stik or something unusable. THAT SHIZ AIN'T WORKING GURL. Part of me wondered if it was a comment on the skin-tight rubber leggings in various day-glo and PVC dominatrix shades i.e. they look as if they've been stuck on with some heavy industrial body glue. The other slice of me just wants it to be them spelling out the name of the 2013 album that never was: "DOLLS' WILD GLUE-GUN". Could you imagine the violent dollshouse imagery on that album cover? Alas it was never to be but Glue absolutely is a BELTER of the highest standard.


    The daft punk robo-conscious blabbering away nonsensically until it gives up on figuring out a way forward (how my own brain processes to be honest), the ICONIC rap-battles between Eunji and Euaerin (I think?) that puncture the air of aloof despondency and that glorious pre-chorus hand-wash dance:


    which is one cog in the grand trebuchet of the choreography which is CELESTIAL. I don't think anyone has fully touched this level of large girl-group formation work until maybe Cosmic Girls' with Secret this year. They have way more members though which makes the Muses' ability to fill out the stage a masterclass in performance. I mean:


    Very few retro disco K-Pop numbers sound this modern, are this emotive and generally displayed with such a level of high gloss like Glue. It marked the end of what some consider the Golden Era of Muses' lineups with Lee Sem & Eunji (thanks @junglefish i completely blanked on their names) leaving the group but what a way to rump-wave us all off.


    You scored, you commented - I guess we're stuck together? Aww (marginally forced) group hug! Do you remember @roux oxford standard referenced his Glue comms in the post for Gun? Well the suspense is over, let's read 'em & weep: "One of many great 9muses tracks courtesy of Sweetune. The only problem is that I sometimes forget which one is which." Glue or Gun? One sticks, one shoots. YOU decide.

    @ThighHighs just created his own sub-unit of Muse-Avengers: "As with most of their GREAT songs, they let Kyungri and Sera belt a bit and have Euaerin and Eunji rapping away. It’s classic Nine Muses because they let those four loose on a killer track with big choruses and the others (whose names I don’t know dddd) pick up the rest perfectly. This really was the best lineup, my god." Don't worry TH, our K-Pop encyclopedia @D is for Danger! has the volume on K-pop group members to hand: " The last of the Nine Muses x Sweetune collaborations. This was kpop meets Daft Punk. Loved the guitars and synths in this one. The MV was simple, but quite sexy, with tons of booty shaking and amazing skin tight leather suits. The choreography and formations on display were top notch too. This song was probably the best example of even line distribution. Lee Seem even got to sing on the chorus!" Lee Seems to be forgettable to some (I apologise, that was terrible)


    @Slice of Life's middle name? Sibilance. Set us straight sissssss: "Synth-filled. Sexy. Sultry. Smoky. But a little unmemorable. I love this like I love all Nine Muses releases but for some reason I always forget that this exists. And I probably can’t hum this if you asked me to N N N N. But since this is still very good and because I am a stan, let me throw this one a cute little score. Also, this is one of their most iconic choreography. Those legs… To die for." Talking of legs, guess who knows the moves? Our lead dancer of the sub-unit @ryan_riot92 : "I know the choreography 100% … mainly because I watched the Let’s Dance a million times. This is probably my favorite 9MUSES track to date. The stunning visuals and skin-tight outfits along with the epic instrumental make this so amazing! It’s also pretty bittersweet because it’s the last time we’ll see the perfecta of 9MUSES as a whole."


    @GeiPanda is channelling his chi, and feeling the zen of Glue-vana: "So seamless - great energy throughout, and each member’s parts flow well together." That's because of all that glue - Kweens of D.I.Y Crafts.

    Stick those pieces altogether and what do you get? The gospel according to our 11-er @ajmkv - blessed be the holy stan:

    "Oh my God. Where do I even start? When this came out, I was obsessed with Gun and Wild, and I didn't really think they could top those two, but they did it. Honestly, this is my favorite K-Pop song of all time, and I would go so far to even say that this is my favorite song of all time... at least according to my charts. Let's break it down: #1 for 7 weeks, my 2014 #1 song, 55 weeks in my Top 25 from 2013 to 2015, the highest scoring song on my all-time chart, a playcount of more than 3000 (how even) etc etc. I love everything about this song. The video is simple and gorgeous, the dance is perfect, the vocals are all on point, the raps are flawlessly executed and are full of personality, everyone looks fantastic, the lyrics are great, my faves Leesem, Sera, Hyuna, and Erin are just on another level, ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. If this was to be their last single as 9 forever, then what a way to go. I can't believe we've lost two thirds of these girls, it hurts because this is the crown jewel in my life as a music fan. This song really epitomizes what I love about being a music fan: loving a piece of music so much that you are willing to write a whole bible about (because I could and would definitely go on if I wasn't worried about boring you all.) Never forget."

    PVA by PVC eternally

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    Where is the good cyst @ajmkv? I miss ha meltdowns. Sis, this is a perfect time for one.
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  10. @Squashua when asked about Lee Sem and Eunji :
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  11. The choreography for this song is just out of this world. Also that Xmas performance is just the absolute best. Yes, it's because of the lesbian Sera x Moon Hyuna moment!

    A man can dream to have his two 9M biases together for a fun night in the sack!

  12. NOW LOOK






    Average Score: 9.19
    Heat 3 Placement: 2nd (av. 5.73)

    TAWP Gurls:
    *11* - @D is for Danger! @junglefish
    10 - @Reboot @ajmkv

    SASSY Gurls:
    7 - @vikeyeol @GeiPanda

    I’m definitely shocked by this unruly back-to-back exit but I’m not quite sure in what way. One of the few Muse songs I had never heard of before this rate, Figaro (the 2nd single and follow-up to Idunwano.Play.Boy…NO.) hit me for a loop with its own brand of retro kitsch disco anthem. It is BEYOND glory and yet its fortunes seemed unwilling and slight when the Heat ranks first started coming in. Then it exploded out and clawed its way out of the 13th – 7th bloodbath and into 2nd place EVEN snatching 1st for a brief period of time. Mind-boggling, baffling, bizarre – for such an unassuming, five-year old song, I welcomed its stealth sl****yage whole-heartedly.

    I think, along with Mach, this is the oldest track in the rate and it seems, for those two, a reverse-recently bias is in effect for them to be able to snatch top 10 placings from numerous 2015/16 rookie releases. Elderly ahjumma-jams of the competition collecting pensions and nugu-scalps one by one.


    Let’s talk concept unnies. Where does thou name cometh from dearest Figaro? Honestly I haven’t the foggiest but the most infamous, and arguably original Figaro, is also known as The Barber of Seville from the play of the same name by controversial French dude Pierre Beaumarchais. This eventually turned into an opera by both Paisiello & Rossini which I guess is where the musical connection might come from. But who was Figaro? Who are the original Nine Musinis channeling? Well he was the former majordomo to the play-opera’s hero and helped him secure the love he desired. A major-whatnow?

    “A majordomo is a person who speaks, makes arrangements, or takes charge for another”


    Aha! With the eternally repeated kiss-off of “Give up up… tonight” and the post-chorus command of “Dance, come on, dance” the Muses really are our own private majordomos. In fact the whole song is holler to the dancefloor and a HELL-NAH to the pervy gents (and maybe lesbians? Considering the “oh hey lady, oh no no” part in verse #1) looking to bag a Muse for the evening. You’re going to have to ride the turnstile record first fellas:


    However all my research may have absolutely no bearing on the song at all because Figaro is also (in no particular order):​

    a genus of catshark

    a ye olde English comic strip magazine

    a kingdom in Final Fantasy VII

    a sassy black cat from Disney's Pinocchio


    so who the hell knows what they were going for. Heck the lyrics about making a break for it before midnight, dancing in the dark and finding your true love sound more like Cinderella than poor ol’ Figaro so maybe they got the play-scripts mixed up in translations.

    Anyway if there’s one thing you take away from this groovy, knockin’ number it’s easily THAT KEY CHANGE. By far and away one of the greatest examples of one in the whole of music ever, not just K-Pop. It’s phenomenal and gives what could have been a potentially repetitive song by three minutes end a humungous WHOOSH of urgency and epic-ness. Ok wait a moment if there are TWO things you can take away from this it should also be the fabulous fierce hand-wave dance move for the "Give up-up" refrain. I wish I could find a good gif of it but apparently no one knew how to make one in 2011. Okay okay the last final thing I love about this is I always appreciate there’s a serious tang of sinister to the proceedings as if the girls aren’t just asking you to stop pestering them on the dancefloor but to literally give up your life to this musical trance.


    (look i'm really struggling to find gifs for this one
    so here's Hyuna handling a wooden shaft @D is for Danger!)


    It is a sad state of affairs that it has to leave us but it's a tough gig at the top and I think Figaro has done mighty well to get to 9th with the lowest total of 10s in the top 15. It's a heavily liked, but only occasionally loved jam from Studio 64. As The Barber of Seville says himself,

    “I must force myself to laugh at everything lest I be obliged to weep”


    Comments from the discoball of DOOM are actually surprisingly mixed from all out love to I don't remember it but like it to WTF is this but now I love this on my fifth listen help. You lot are ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. @roux takes the first dance but demands a blindfold be drawn on the turnstile floating, quinceanera birthday party dress filled visual: "Love the song, but I wish I'd never seen the music video." Clearly there's a lil funk in the air because @GeiPanda senses something amiss too: "This one’s a bit weird. Whenever I listen to it, I decide that I love it. But then afterwards I can never remember how the song goes, which is problematic." Figaro as a character is the epitome of French-Italian operatic #promatique.

    @ThighHighs brings it round full circle with a backhand dance move to his complimentary footwork: "Marble mouthed English chorus or not, this song is relentless. It’s among their catchiest songs ever and I love it." @ryan_riot92 didn't want to try the dance for this but there probably wasn't enough hip wiggling or booty-shaking in it to make it worthwhile. "Wasn’t too keen on this song in the beginning but now I’m obsessed with it! The disco elements are so phenomenal!!"

    Attending Figaro-Converts Anonymous is @Slice of Life hiding behind her boutique Viola Davis clutch. Purse first purse first cyst: "Wait at this sounding extremely better after a few first listens though. What kind of hocus-pocus??? I’m guessing this is another Sweetune bop N N N N. That production totally screams Sweetune. I am honestly at lost for words after getting my weaves snatched by these Namyu bops over and over again. So here, take my cute little score. It shall be enough to keep this afloat. I subtracted 0.5 from my score because a Euaerin rap section was disgustingly missing."

    I gonna miss Euaein tearing a chunk out of a Sweetune bop. Rapper of the GODS.


    There's one video two of our commentators can't forget and might even watch it whilst the clock strikes midnight. @ajmkv has the perfect allusion to its existence: "THIS DANCE. I remember that when I was getting into Nine Muses I saw the dance practice video and they were so in sync. The flawlessly executed choreo really makes this song, not to mention that it's a great walking song, and it has some great vocals, too. I really miss all these members..."

    Our Eleven-Score-Lord of the Dance @D is for Danger! offers it up for all of y'all to STAN over: "My all time favourite kpop song. It's not THE best kpop song out there, but it's a very significant one to me. It was the first time I laid eyes on my flop goddesses 9 Muses. It's got disco elements, surf guitars and one of the funniest point dances, which I like to call "the exfoliating the face" dance. It also sports one of the best food related misheard lyrics, "Kebab bab, tonight. Kebab bab tonight". Sweetune were at their best here.

    Also, let's all take a minute to appreciate our Queens of synchronization.



    Gonna strut my way home doing the Exfoliating the Face Dance to this baiiiiii.


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  13. Fuck y'all for eliminating my 11!

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  14. [​IMG]
  15. That Figaro dance practice video is everything. The exfoliating hand motion is great, but I prefer the star hand motion they do during the chorus.

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  16. I am honestly disgusted by y'all. Get some taste. Except for @D is for Danger! You're my new favorite poster.

    Also I knew as soon as I got a notification telling me that @Squashua tagged me that it was Figaro's time to go.
  17. Love you too!

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  19. Glue never clicked with me. It's undoubtedly a fantastic song, but I have no desire to listen to it.

    Figaro, however, is a classic.

  20. OUCH

    WHAT A





    Average Score: 9.21
    Heat 2 Placement: 2nd (av. 4.36)

    TAWP Gurls:
    *11* - @vikeyeol
    10 - @Squashua @Reboot @ajmkv @ryan_riot92 @ThighHighs

    SASSY Gurls:
    7 - @roux
    7.5 - @Mikl C



    It's whiplash for poor Stellar as they lose their first of two in the top ten by literally whiskers (or should that be by a stinger?). Before we delve into this 8th placed ditty, let's hear what it's all about from the sexy Asian horse's mouth:

    This time, we wanted to look more like a girlfriend rather than to put heavy makeup and look provocative... We put lighter makeup, so that more fans will feel closer to us.”

    Wait what? Stellar the girlfriend? Might Stellar only serve us matrimonial monogamy love ballads forever more? That could have been the onset panic at the start of this campaign until THESE teaser photos rolled in:




    (and look at the pervy heckler ahjummas in the background of photo #3 - scream!)

    Nope, you can't keep a sexy girl group down. Once you go butt-scratch dance you never go back. And thank god honestly because Stellar has the monopoly on this concept far past & beyond 95% of their peers. Whilst Sting is not as brash or bold as its promiscuous cystren Marionette & Vibrato it is THE whip-smart, satirical and ultra-stylish evolution of a girl-group type once thought of as mere visual butt pad beauties. It's the distillation & honing of what Stellar could be set to a mildly bonkers 90's trop-house catwalk strut.

    1 2 3 POP!



    Ooo gurl, I love this a heck of a lot. That's not to say that I was bowled over on first listen though, in fact after the strut-tastic teaser video and the labial-mazingness that was Vibrato I was kinda underwhelmed by this initially. It's a smidgen more understated, a twinge more cool than previous releases but with that comes the territory of "a grower". And my word does that sting really unleash some venom upon repeat viewings and repeat listens.

    FIRST JAB - The Song.
    A simple, almost jazz-retro countdown to... smashing glass and a bubble pop. Let's be real, anything that involves a Bubble Pop! in K-Pop is a win in the book. The combo of indie-bait electronic house vibes and dorky sound effects continues as a constant tension in the track with a wub-wub bassline that sounds positively malevolent. It's tense but light, jaded yet upbeat. The perfect contradiction. The perfect companion to those absolutely ruthless lyrics that reach all out pinnacle SASSY GURRLL with comments like Gayoung's bit of the second verse, the pointed:

    "You say bullshit everytime you open your mouth..."


    ^--- BASICALLY.

    Or how's about that English-phrase you are hearing correctly:

    "Judas-kiss or what?"



    The reference to Sherlock and feeling like you're stuck in a court case. Secret diaries. Lies. Hate. A relationship in tatters with bile being spilt from both parties. You wouldn't get that from the delivery alone now would ya? It's well constructed, polished to a ice queen sheen and yet potentially the most passive aggressive song every recorded. SET TO TROP-HOUSE. Sheer delightful hatred.

    SECOND JAB: The Video.
    Keeping with Stellar-tradition and the lyrics themselves, what on the surface looks like a fashion editorial challenge on ANTM holds a whole lot more... bite?


    In a swinging attack at their haterz and the National Korean Ahjumma society, the video throws online trolls under the bus with those mouse cursors flying all over the shop. There's sharp objects everywhere, cameras peeking around every corner and sassy faces being thrown at all those basic bitches who don't own a million and one pairs of designer shoes.


    I could write you a dissertation on how this video subverts the male gaze, upsets the patriarchy and tackles the unfair standards of female beauty but it would probably be a yawn and y'all would just wanna get on with it. That's cool ladies, just know this is about as scathing as K-Pop music videos get.

    THIRD JAB: The Campaign.
    So you're a struggling rookie/underrated group on a smaller scale entertainment company budget - how do you keep those comebacks rolling? Pilfer your fans for coins! The original Makestar campaigners, Stellar reached their budget of $8,418 in only three days, managing to keep that tab open long enough to raise 422% more than they planned. And what did they spend it on after the EP and the Sting video - a second amazeballs video for the Disclosure-esque reserve banger Insomnia?

    NOPE, let's just spend all that change on more dance performance videos of Sting in different outfits! Woop! The sheer of audacity is cackle-worthy.

    Hanbok Sting

    Cosplay... Thing?

    Yikes. Girls make better economic decisions please.

    Honey-maknae-wasp-waisted-bumblebitches, how's the hive looking? Commentaries are perhaps on the slight side this time around but that doesn't the limit the level of affection for this number. Except for @roux , of course: "It's cool, even if the song doesn't really go anywhere."

    Really queen?


    Elsewhere we got ourselves some references and I am living for them in all honesty. When are we having a playlist session @Slice of Life? "Honestly, Stellar is a group made of of four Gains – sex drive and all. This even sounds like a Gain track by way of Bloom only less good but that’s only because Bloom is a 12/10 song. The production again is a severe highlight in this. It’s very Lim Kim with a slight tinge of Perfume. It does not pop enough which is probably my only complaint. I can see this becoming a grower though." @ryan_riot92 wasn't here for this sweater weather so decided to take in a Stellar movie marathon: "The “Mask” of this trilogy. I love this track so much. The video is so tongue and cheek. Not a huge fan of the stage outfits but other than that it’s a JAM!"

    Here comes the love doo-dah-doo-doo. @GeiPanda is that a conversion I see? "FINALLY. Some persona in a Stellar song. Very impressed. Great instrumental." HUZZAH! Can it get any better? Oh wait here comes @ajmkv with a magic P word: "Love how this was a change from what they had been doing before, and the video with its pastel palette and the girls looking great and sassy was perfect. I really love this song." Mind where you walk, @D is for Danger! is bouncing off those pastel ceilings right now: "Funky and bouncy. I lowkey find myself bopping and dancing to this when the chorus starts. Another meta MV from the queens of meta idols."



    Last sting in the tail? Surprise! There isn't one - @ThighHighs is a dainty butterfly of praise: "Trop House masterpiece. Their best song and video."

    But Vibrato has ranked higher - PJ IN VAGINA-LOVING SHOCKER!

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