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Underrated Queens of K-Pop: The Rate [The FLOPNALE - Winner Revealed]

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. I love "Someone Like U" as much as the next person, but "B.B.B (Big Baby Baby)" is superior... In fact I really don't think "Someone Like U" should be in the top 5. "Wild" should be.

    This is why they're hatin' on "Vibrato" too ... even though "Vibrato" would be a great choice for the top spot.
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    Average Score: 9.31
    Heat 4 Placement: 2nd (av. 5.25)

    TAWP Gurls:
    10 - @vikeyeol @D is for Danger! @Reboot @ryan_riot92 @ThighHighs @Mikl C

    SASSY Gurls:
    7 - @GeiPanda

    A later-comer to the game upsetting the course of justice and bulldozing all competition - MACH the infiltrator. Rainbow was looking like a potential non-qualifier from the heats with even the glacial-electro Black Swan struggling to get past 9th position until the angry mob of PJ unnies circled my hosting booth and demanded a recount. Mach, a top 10 in Japan, had a minor flop on home turf but I guess still did bad enough where it mattered to be allowed entry into the games. It has SOARED from that moment onwards, taking its 2nd place in the Heats and bettering it by hitting 1st for the Heat 4-ers in the final, and robo-strutting straight into the top 5.

    The burning rubber, neon-midnight, speed-demon concept (of which the girls look phenomenal & perhaps the best they ever have or will) is genius considering the song content but perhaps a bit too catered to Japan which might have had a handle in its sales fortunes. They lap that shiz up over there and rightly so. I'm also having flashbacks to my opinion on Genie over in the GG rate in the sense that the Korean version doesn't sound nearly as epic as the Japanese edition. I mean it's understandable, what can you do if Korean doesn't want to make you into the big pop girls you deserve to be...


    There's a lot to enjoy in this one. English hooks aplenty bubbling away in the background "Can't stop, can't stop, get it now / don't stop don't stop do it now", the rebel-rousing "GET ON UP YO FEET" the jazz accents and use of trumpet in a way that doesn't sound like a novelty or bad 80's rehash. The moment of all moments here though is THAT KEY CHANGE. God there's been so many good key changes in this top ten but how many come after the rev of an engine and sputtering exhaust? How many wail those catchy English refrains at fever-pitch with the brass even higher, even bigger, even more jubilantly? How many choose to visualise that celestial final moment with a punk-hooker latex-sporting CHAIR KICK?


    It's ridiculous but fabulously so. I'd happily just watch that twenty second section on a loop and still score it the same. Those stripper boots are amazing, the giant speed-o-meter Melody Day stole five years later is set-gold and the power-ranger outfits are glorious levels of camp:



    I doubt this would have been in my own personal top 10 but the appeal is undeniable. Well done Rainbow or defying the odds (and DSP) and reaching this point. Ride off into the deadly midnight of Tokyo my cystren.

    When it comes to comms, the most frustrating part of this song for y'all was more the release promo/strategy that continued to prove DSP has literally no clue how to do anything but squander their high quality material. @ryan_riot92 asks all the right questions, shades all the right people: "How was this song a flop?? Like I swear Korea just looks at RAINBOW like KARA’s less attractive little sister… Little do they know they have some of the best K-Pop songs ever. This is truly a gem! Japan got the memo! This, “A”, and “To Me..” are like a holy trinity." @ajmkv is on a shrug and a sigh: "I miss Rainbow, sigh. I thought I liked this more than I do, but that's the way things are. Still a pretty great song, and it's a crime that they didn't release a video to go with it, thankfully they rectified this with the Japanese release." Blame the Korean general public, they just don't like motorbikes, girls not from JYP/SM/YG and quality pop songs what can I say...

    That's not to say y'all didn't come armed with a piston-pumping stack of critique. @GeiPanda only wants the occasional Mach-for-Mach tryst: "Only the chorus really sticks out for me, but what a chorus!" whilst @ThighHighs picks out my favourite moment, with exclamations! : "That KEY change, the production! This song does so much right. It isn’t terribly groundbreaking, but it just does everything so RIGHT! You can’t not like it." Party. Speaking of a good ol' fashioned knees-up, @D is for Danger! is in the karaoke zone, snatch those lines: "Ma ha ma ha ma ha, get up off your feet! This was Sweetune x Rainbow at its peak. Shame it wasn't properly promoted in SK. It does tend to get a little noisy at times, but the song is just too damn good to let that get in the way."



    Let's rip into DSP some more - FINISH HA @Slice of Life : "Honestly, Rainbow should re-release this as an official Korean single since I believe only their three stans actually bought this. N N N N. It is unfair to let this bop get denied of its potential to be a hit. I bet if KARA released this during their peak, this would instantly be a massive hit. Poor Rainbow… DSP Entertainment didn’t give them a more unique concept and will forever be known as KARA Jr. Anyway, this is quite the jam (second only to Whoo – RIP!!!)."

    With the group now disbanded in the 2016 graveyard of K-legends, DSP, as a final act of kindness to their dearly departed group, have enlisted @roux to write their epitaph on the tombstone:


    LE FIN.

  3. If you must know, the razor blades #trigger™ me. So there.
  4. Can I get this in Twitter header-suitable dimensions?

    Just kidding - I wouldn't want to ruin my current CIVA layout. CIVA as in the 33% DSP act that Rainbow also weren't quite as good as.

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  5. Congratulations to Dal Shabet for finally making it to the Top 5 somewhere.
  6. This is GOING TOO FAST
  7. Damn! Two top 5 finishers for Moon Sherbet!

    I'm pressed my queens didn't make top 5. You all failed me.
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  8. Vibrato shouldn't be anywhere near the top 5... and no, I'm not saying that because of the MV which is actually the best thing about that single.
    I can't believe none of Nine Muses' songs made it to the final three.
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  9. I might not have voted in this, but that's probably for the best.

    Y'all got some damn QUESTIONABLE taste.
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  10. I'm now convinced Closer is the best K-pop song of all time so anything short of a win will be incorrect.
  11. WAIT.

    HOLD ON.

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  12. Even if we did, it wouldn't have been eligible I think.

  13. FOUR is the magic number






    Average Score: 9.35
    Heat 2 Placement: 1st (av. 2.81)

    TAWP Gurls:
    10 - @Squashua @vikeyeol @D is for Danger! @Slice of Life @ajmkv @ryan_riot92

    At this point not really that SASSY Gurls:
    8 - @Mikl C



    In the fabled trilogy concept conceived by @ryan_riot92 in the Heats, Vibrato is the baby child to Marionette's original censorship-courting hoe-jam. You can argue that, how ever low budget and how ever forced upon a concept it was for the Stellar ladies, without it there probably never would have been a Vibrato. And what a shame for the nation's musical loins that would have been. They share similar DNA but Vibrato is shinier, bolder, brasher and straight-up sexier with a huge throbbing brain for that.

    Controversy is something these ladies are used to but the music video for Vibrato (can you believe this is another Digipedi masterclass? #VersatileKings) ruffled more than just feathers. It blew up the whole bloody bird's nest. Numerous youtube reactors, blogs and the South Korean media were up in arms performing a simultaneous pearl-clutch at this satirical vagina masterpiece. Giorgia O'Keefe would be so proud at the post-modernist feminism found in the stupendous & ridiculous final third - vaginas vaginas everywhere!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You've got barbies being decimated into the scrapheap, white phallus cacti drenched in scarlet liquids, watermelons being burst open... If you ever needed the reverse of subtle well here it is. Personally for me? It's fantastic, creative and gorgeously awe-striking to watch. Not even those heathenous Western artists would dare do something like this. The subtext of the camera-box cages & the feminine physique being monitored, maintained and used is blade-sharp a critique on society at large as you're ever going to find. The use of red has rarely ever been deployed so stylishly, dangerously and hilariously. The choreo is so easy to whip out (literally) and the epitome of lust yet even Gayoung outright refused to do the floor-hump move deeming it "too much".


    There's nothing too much about it my dear. I lived for it and that's not an anatomical part that even appeals to me. The song is a gloriously built disco monster, filled with strings, brass, vocal orgasms and the most perfect middle eight I've heard since... well... forever. Seriously, this was my favourite track of 2015 and what a high calibre year that was. Considering the competition, it's done a damn good job to come 4th for a collection of voters who predominantly appreciate the male form rather than clitoral handbags.

    It's more than a pusswah-popper, it's a 100% proof cherry-bopper.


    NO NEGATIVES ALERT. It's nice that we can all bond over a good ol' fashioned musical gangbang right kittens? You know that this was all @Slice of Life needed to be completely converted: "Stellar and Monotree’s magnum opus. I seriously doubt if their partnership will ever top this censorship-nightmare bop. I guess it’s safe to confess now but before doing this rate, I wasn’t quite on the stan-Stellar train. But this… this right here is all it took to make me a fan. This is a towering achievement not only because of the song writing and production but also the imagery. Yaaasss Stellar unnies, go and sexualize handbags and watermelons!"

    Magnum Opuss

    @ryan_riot92 has always got the moves and hits the spot exactly: "Basically the unofficial theme of this rate. Everything about this track is a 100 out of 10! Choreography. Visuals. Vocals. Concept. Video. EV.ER.Y.THING!! I know the choreography like the back of my hand!" @ThighHighs is just musing on all before his eyes: "In the best ways, this sounds like a Nine Muses song. It has great production and a soaring chorus. It reminds me of Figaro quite a bit. That shot of the purse opening in the video is gloriously absurd. Subtlety is not their strongest suit." And @roux wishes Entertainment Pascal would stop using their size as a crotch (get it? cackle): "Easily their best song, but also the most obvious example of their company ruining it all by clearly not knowing what the fuck they're doing."

    I'm not sure @D is for Danger! is a real doctor, but he certainly knows a lot about the female anatomy of South Korea *giggles*: "A true tour de force. This song is a monumental achievement in music production. Another track featuring the trademark Sweetune/Monotree sound thanks to the guitars, horns, violins and synths. I love the tempo change at the end. The constant vagina imagery in the MV sent ripples through South Korean women's loins and singlehandedly increased the country's birth rates. When will your faves?!"

    And the pregnancy is done.

    You can thank me later Unnies x

    For a song about labial triumph, there's no better way to close up shop than with a double climax. Ooo gurl, y'all should be so lucky. @GeiPanda isn't moaning, he's positively in ecstasy: "That climax. Best Stellar track for me." @ajmkv, on the other hand, holds his composure just long enough to unload a massive essay of enthrallment: "What isn't there to love about Vibrato? That video, with all the vagina imagery, was immediately iconic, and the choreography was deliciously filthy. The dresses were also pretty scandalous (I love that there's a version where they're obviously only wearing thongs under them, saucy queens). Most importantly, this is an incredible song. It's very, very well-produced, it has a great instrumental with the dramatic strings and the brass and piano bits here and there, and then the synths all over the place are great. The middle-8 leading into Hyongeun's high note is one of the best and most goosebumps-inducing pieces of K-Pop out there. It's truly a musical climax and I love it."

    eotteokhae eotteokhae eotteokhaeeeeeee
    Aw, finished too soon.

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  14. Pretty great for a Hurt Locker-less top 3. I think I want B.B.B to take it now.

    These averages are really high though. Perched to see if the winner overtakes I Love You's iconic above 10 score.
  15. If CLOSER doesn't win this...
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    And even though I would've loved Vibrato to be in the top 3, that average is already an achievement and I can't complain about it. Good job, K-pop subunit!
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  18. Vaginabrato is life!

    There's no way they'd have been able to perform in these thongs.


    Also, never forget the girls pussy dropping and humping the floor in front of a trio of visor-wearing, energy-drinking ahjummas.

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  20. Someone should tell Dal Shabet they might score a win for once!
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