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Underrated Queens of K-Pop: The Rate [The FLOPNALE - Winner Revealed]

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Aug 24, 2016.


    I've got the last load of data for you. Consider it the final reunion for the first Season of UQKPop.​





    Final Group Rank: #7 (2 song av.)
    Heats Rank: #5 (avg. 9.25)

    Biggest Stan:

    @roux - 5.33
    @Reboot - 6

    Ultimate Foe:

    @junglefish - 13.33
    @Squashua - 12

    It's a sham3 th3s3 gals didn't 3nd up in 3rd plac3. That's the real Myst3ry of it all.





    Final Group Rank: #11
    Heats Rank: #2 (avg. 8.08)

    Biggest Stans:
    @Mikl C - 4
    @junglefish - 5.28

    Ultimate Foes:
    @LightningRider - 12.14
    @ryan_riot92 - 10.57

    Empresses of the Heat-We-Shall-Not-Name but largely cannon fodder in the final. They'll probs write a satirical sex anthem about this...





    Final Group Rank: #10 (4 song avg)
    Heats Rank: #4 (avg. 12.97)

    Biggest Stans:
    @vikeyeol - 3.83
    @Mikl C - 5.5

    Ultimate Foes:
    @roux - 12.67
    @Slice of Life - 11.67

    The Mother Superiors of Hoe-dom - still managing to see results whilst doing the bare minimum and I LAV it.





    Final Group Rank: #3 (7 song avg)
    Heats Rank: #6 (avg. 10.54)

    Biggest Stans:
    @ajmkv - 7
    @junglefish - 7.83

    Ultimate Foes:
    @Reboot - 11
    @LightningRider - 10.83

    Not really 5th let's be honest, not after the Heats gladiatorial bloodbath and having 3 songs in the Top Ten.





    Final Group Rank: #4
    Heats Rank: #9
    (avg. 12.56)

    Biggest Stans:
    @ThighHighs - 9.17
    @LightningRider - 10.17

    Ultimate Foes:
    @roux - 17
    @Reboot - 16.5

    Scream. DSP couldn't even cock this up for them (and they tried believe me)...





    Final Group Rank: #5 (5 song avg)
    Heats Rank: #3 (avg. 8.52)

    Biggest Stans:
    @vikeyeol - 4
    @ajmkv - 4.29

    Ultimate Foes:
    @junglefish - 11.57
    @ThighHighs - 10.29

    Not sure where to look? Remember what you Stellar, isn't always the truth...





    Final Group Rank: #1 (2 song avg - Y'all won something y*ssss)
    Heats Rank: #20 oh...
    (avg. 15.05)

    Biggest Stans:
    @Reboot - 11
    @LightningRider - 11.22

    Ultimate Foes:
    @ajmkv - 16.33
    @junglefish - 15.22

    The true K-weens of revenge. The Heats may have diminished their ranks but my goodness they came back talons & BBBs at the ready for the Final.





    Final Group Rank: #8 (5 song avg - blame A-ing)
    Heats Rank: #1
    (avg. 6.96)

    Biggest Stans:
    @D is for Danger! / @Slice of Life - 3
    @Reboot - 4

    Ultimate Foes:
    @LightningRider - 10
    @ajmkv - 9.4

    The not-so-nugu princesses to the throne. They annihilated their peers in Heat One and managed to claw past the veterans to claim this title. Congrats gurrls - now get on with releasing that Korea-conquering smash.







    @ryan_riot92 - 9.05 (25 tens)
    @Slice of Life - 8.90 (16 tens)
    @Squashua - 8.80 (17 tens)
    @ThighHighs - 8.80 (13 tens)
    @D is for Danger! - 8.67 (23 tens)
    @junglefish - 8.59 (6 tens)
    @ajmkv - 8.39 (19 tens)
    @LightningRider - 8.26 (1 ten)
    @Reboot - 7.90 (16 tens)
    @vikeyeol - 7.56 (12 tens)
    @Mikl C - 7.40 (10 tens)
    @roux - 7.31 (9 tens, 1 zero)
    @GeiPanda - 6.84 (7 tens)
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  2. How much of those 25 tens made it to the top 3?
  3. All of them.

    I think the only songs Ryan didn't give tens to in the top 20 were News, Figaro, Ticket & Windy Day.
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  4. How am I not a tawp Namyu stan?! I have all their songs 10s and my 11 went to Figaro!

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  5. The stats in the eliminated group bits are just for the Heats. You more than made up for it in the Final, Moon Hyuna is most personally flattered senpai.

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  6. My friend in Korea still hasn't gotten me her number. Maybe I need to send @Mikl C to do it for me.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Let me just say that this still the most painful thing that's happened to me this year. I mean, yes, my 11 rightfully won this rate, but seeing my three 11-point runners up fall down one by one AND NOT EVEN MAKE THE TOP 10 is truly traumatic.

    Also, the statistics are so pretty. I love it, cyst.
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  9. 25 10s ...

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    Bops after bops after bops after bops after bops.
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  11. KWEEN!!! THIS IS THE BEST YET and I haven't even watched it yet. Kii.
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  12. I'm decimated. Ryan_Riot - serving visuals for daaaays. Thank you so much for doing this, I'm flabbergasted!

    EDIT: Also that One More-Glue-Figaro run sounds amazing together before the lull of Sting gets blown wide open from the Im Ill/Wild double punch. Well done everyone.
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  13. I'm sorry, but I am the ultimate Nine Muses stan, President of their fanclub (as officially declared by the Top Gurl herself, Empress of the Sassy Gurls, @Squashua ), sorry @D is for Danger!

    Finally found the time to finish reading through all this, just have to say that I gave 19 tens, the third-highest amount, and not one reached the Top 3... somehow I knew in my heart of hearts that Closer would win, so maybe that's why I took a second extended hiatus from sassy-gurling it up in here with y'all? We'll never know..

    Other than that, what a bloody fantastic rate this was. I'm going to start an open love letter to @Squashua for embodying my K-PJ goals: flawless host, funny, and sassy all around. So much love for you!
  14. I wish i participated in this iconic rate! Sigh !
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  15. I check this thread every time I get into a new group. This time I checked the results for Dal*Shabet and..... wow! Joker didn't even make it to the final list? I've never seen a blasphemy like this before.

    The same could be said about 9Muses' Sleepless Night.
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Still my most favourite rate. xoxo
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