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Underrated Queens of K-Pop: The Rate [The FLOPNALE - Winner Revealed]

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Hold on, the addition of Mach changes everything. This should be good. Also, I was absolutely and hideously brutal to some of these groups in Heats 1, 2, and 3 but that's mostly because they suffered from being placed in Heats with some of my all-time faves.
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  2. Mach is top 3 material, easily.
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  3. ONE
    * MORE *

    (to vote sis, this ain't no ChoColat plug)

    All Will Be Revealed

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  4. Wait what is this WANNA.B slander comparing them to CLC? All of their songs are above 5/10.
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  6. Heats five and six are going to be so hard for me because the only group I'm familiar with and am a fan of is HELLOVENUS. I'm kinda dreading it.
  7. Give them a whirl, I barely knew any of the groups in 5 & 6 but turns out everyone's got at least a couple of surprisingly great musical weapons in their arsenals. Something for everyone amongst that rag-tag long-forgotten assortment.

  8. [​IMG]

    I'll get the first results post out today sometime. Heats 4-6 are now open for business too so feel free to pm me anytime this week with those.​
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  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    YAAAASSS I'm so excited for the bloodbath to begin. I hope my faves Oh My Girl and Nine Muses sl*y the competition. Of course, they will. Duh.
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  10. I'm here to support Dal Shabet.
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  11. [​IMG]

    And so it begins.
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  12. Whenever you're ready.
  13. HEAT ONE

    And thus we begin, and, as my fiction writing prof in a dingy Kansan classroom once told me, always start a story as close to the present as you can. Let’s Nugu-a-go-go!​

    So here we are with the Fresh-Bloods – 34 girls in 5 bands with an average age of petulant and a current average active lifespan of a poorly hamster. Ah the young ones, still on their first handful of comebacks with the fire behind their doe-eyes still hoping for that GFriend or EXID style breakthrough at the hands of rabid handheld camera fans or flooded staging. You’ll get there girls, you’ll get there…​

    So what is the first song combatant that has offered itself as tribute for this gladiator battle of titans?​





    Average Rank: 16.6*
    [For future reference, a song ranked 1st gets 1 point , 2nd = 2 points e.t.c. and averaged out to find a score. Basically the lower the score the higher the song peeps].

    Highest Rank: 12th ( @vikeyeol )
    Lowest Rank: 20th ( @D is for Danger! )

    Clearly y’all don’t want to think about Christmas yet. Snowman was April’s 3rd single after Dirndl Candy and Muah!, rush-released by DSP a mere couple of weeks after the latter. The girls barely had time to switch out their Brownie gear before being lumped in a palaver of white faux fur and abnormally large mittens.

    Snowman itself narrates a heart-warming cautionary tale of being attracted to Icelandic zaddy bears that tend to be a bit flaky if you start attaching some strings. The lyrics provide the answers…


    Ooo-er. How glacial.

    I don’t have many issues with this – the song is cute, the video is inoffensive and the plinky plonky backing track reminds me of typical ‘polar’ levels on video games. Clearly its lack of impact is what slumped it down in last place with no scores in the top 10. @ryan_riot92 , my co-commentator for the Heat proceedings, has decided to repress the Winter of 2015 as if he be stuck in a Wham! song: “I choose to ignore this track’s existence. It’s pretty terrible and even though I love APRIL, I won’t stand for this.”



    High Heels

    Average Rank: 16

    Highest Rank: 11th ( @ajmkv )
    Lowest Rank: 20th ( @ryan_riot92 )

    And just ahead of the SnowZad is the lesser first High Heels of the heats via Cube’s CLC. This was the group’s first release as a seven piece adding two noobs including P101 contestant Kwon Eunbin, who recently managed a C Class 34th place finish in @roux 's infamous P101 rate. “She can’t even do the shh pose properly….” is still a personal highlight from there.


    As you can see I’ve spent more time discussing Kwon “*zooms in on ass*” Eunbin than the actual song, which is potentially part of the problem. It’s essentially a cast-off from Meghan Trainor’s first album with a very steady (read: plodding) pace, where no one really goes for it vocally and the video is awash with pastels + a denim-clad squat-dump dance breakdown...


    Also, this marks the beginning of poor Thai member Sorn’s slow descent to ghost edit largely down to trolls commented on her un-Korean appearance, despite the fact she ends up still singing a good 20% of the lines. See if you can find her, she’s in the storeroom sizing stilettos in this one. Finally, @ryan_riot92 is NOT amused: “The thing is none of their choruses are catchy. If they had ONE catchy or decent chorus, I’d probably like them but nothing they’ve done even interests me after “Eighteen”".




    Average: 15.9

    Highest Rating: 9th (@LightningRider)
    Lowest Rating: 20th x 2 (@vikeyeol @Slice of Life )

    Eliminations, like High Heels, always come in pairs and here’s the second CLCausality – the unfortunately titled second official single Like. Either this was an attempt at humour/subliminal messaging on Cube’s part or we should imagine the lyrics are filled with Valley Girl-isms. Like gurrrlll, that might like TOTALLY soften the blow. Party.


    This one marks a slight departure from the relative sass of debut single Pepe by descending into garbled 16-bit vocal processing, a dub-step post-chorus, constant ‘HEY HEYs' that are straight out of Kirsten Dunst’s opening cheer routine in Bring It On and a video consisting of a highly sequined, white foreigner-fixated assault on the retinas. I actually didn’t mind this so much when it came out but it already feels a teensy bit meh just over a year later. The good sis @ryan_riot92 concurs: “This one isn’t too bad but there’s also nothing to write home about. It’s pretty bland and nothing special.” Let's all ponder that...


    At least you can say this is polarizing (if only that term had been applicable for Snowman I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_). Two last places and our first song to sneak into someone’s Top 9 registered some kind of response so CLC will always have that.

    Stars represent no. of songs still in

    APRIL ***
    CLC **
    OH! MY GIRL *****
    SONAMOO ***
    WANNA.B ****
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  14. Not bothered about any of these songs leaving... Poor CLC but not really because they're beyond boring.
  15. Oh wow this was quicker than expected.

    As a new-found April stan, I don't think Snowman was that terrible. Certainly not not-terrible enough to make it through but...yeah.
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  16. Knowing this forum, I expect at least 4/5 of the Oh My Girl songs to go through, we'll see about the rest. I'm hoping at least one of the two CLC songs left gets a spot.
  17. No Oh No is the only CLC song with half a chance.

    I hope you all haven't let Muah down.
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  18. Muah is my favorite April song (I'm being generous here) but I don't think it made my Top 10 for this heat... apologies in advance.
  19. My favorite April track is actually "Dream Candy" but I really like "Muah!" too. I'm an APRIL stan though.
  20. I don't think I even bothered listening to most of April's tracks. I just lumped them in at the bottom, except for Tinkerbell Sawori version.
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