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Underworld: Awakening (Released Jan 20th 2012)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Right_Direction, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. He wasn't meant to be in it originally & appeared as rumoured on IMDB in September, sometime between then & today (when I looked) he's now confirmed.....odd, very odd, but I hope its true.

    HAHA I didn't even notice you wrote it like Celine Dion.
  2. Saw it last night, it was a lot of fun & slower paced than the second one allowing a bit more of the story to develop.

    What they did with Scott Speedman's character was very interesting indeed.
  3. I loved it too. There wasn't any boring scene ... it is action from beginning to the end and combined with 3D effect ... I was amazed.

    The story was so so but it was funny/interesting how they handled Michael's character. Can't wait for the sequel !!!!!!!!
  4. I hope he's back properly in the sequel, he needs to be.
  5. Spoilers ...

    Well I think he will be judging how the movie ended ( a little bit anticlimatic but ...).

    Also the only thing I didn't like was that Scott Speedman wasn't in the movie at all. That was some really bad look a like.
  6. It seemed to be a mixture of CGI & stand ins.

    I know when he & Kate signed onto do the first one they both signed a three picture deal, I guess with her being married to the writer/director/producer that sorts her out for the future of the franchise (a bit like Milla in Resident Evil) but with Scott I guess they didn't want to risk using him properly in this one for him to then turn around & not want to do any more.

    Its obvious the set up for the next one, his character will be the main one or at least the main focus. Either way I'm excited.

    I just hope this one takes a good amount of money at the box office.
  7. Yeah ... I read that his role was so minimized that they decided to let his character be in the next one (if it ever happen) because they didn't want to have too much going on and wanted to concentrate to relationship between Selene and the girl.

    Crossing fingers that this one will earn enough so we can have a sequel than the ending of this one will be more acceptable (at least for me).
  8. It went to #1 in the box office taking just over $25million, so I guess, unless it drops like a stone the next movie is a dead cert.
  9. Those are good numbers.
  10. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Saw this today. Amazing! You could sum up the entire plot in about three sentences, but who cares? Shit blowing up! Things getting stabbed! In 3D! And I did think the 3D was used really well for once. Excited for another one.
  11. SUCH a guilty pleasure. I keep coming back for more.
  12. I'm thinking to go once more just for those 3D effect and insane action. As someone said the story can be told in two sentences but the action is amazing.
  13. I enjoyed it but I'm waiting for Resident Evil for my woman in tight clothes kicking undead arse fix.
  14. Watched it last night. It was real fun and I'm glad it takes back the spirit of the violent action movies from the 80's (now not even Terminator shows as much blood as they used to!)
    I was satisfied by how they decided to continue the story. It feels like a new chapter with its own story, rather than a cheap continuation of Evolution.

    It actually had the smallest drop from Friday-to-Friday of the series in the US, and is progressively closing the gap with what the 2nd one had in its second weekend (on Friday it was only 400k behind).
    Having renewed the interest of the audience and counting with the emerging markets and the 3D gainings, this could very well end up as the most succesful of all, which would lead to a major support from the studio to the 5th one.
  15. Excellent news, thanks for the info The_47th_belmon.

    Exciting times ahead for this franchise it would seem.
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