Union J - Album 2 Discussion (inc. singles)

They seemed quite aware of their need to step up and create their own identity between their first album and this one but it's all talk at this point.
It sounds like more of a hit than any of their other singles, but it's still not great.

That drop in the charts is ridiculous. It's a shame as they're nice guys, but they're surely going to be dropped now.
Agree with all the points here - they need to distance themselves from the 1D sound - no one wants a 2nd rate 1D they need their own identity. The thing is, if the whole 2nd album is similar to 'Tonight' then it aint gonna work and they'd be better going back to the drawing board unless they've got a smash waiting to happen - wasn't there a ryan tedder song? surely having that 'tag' will help. I'm really rooting for them but seems unlikely they can turn it around.
I can't get over how much Tonight has tanked. They need to get it together if they are gonna get another album out.
I assumed that they were going to be marketed as the new Westlife and mainly do ballads. But perhaps that wouldn't work in 2014. I dunno.
Union J are supporting The Vamps on their tour next year - the dream is officially over!

I so want to go to this now. It's not good news for Union J but I'll love it at least. I hate the idea of them becoming a new Westlife. I can see the album being pushed back until next year at this rate.
I really liked the lead single, what happened next?

Just did a bit of rummaging through their Twitter feed and it looks like a new single is "coming soon." They've already filmed a music video.

Union J

SECOND SINGLE SOOOOOOOON! Good night everyone. Love you all. JJ, Jay, G and Josh

4:48 PM - 10 Sep 2014


JJ Hamblett

Just finished the Music Video for new single! Massive thanks to @frankborin and Team. Up all night but it was well worth it. Your Guna it

10:48 PM - 15 Sep 2014



23 September 2014


You all are welcome for posting that last one.