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United Kingdom 2012 Entry

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by cjwhite1, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Holy mother! That would be awesome!!! - So says the 90's loving teenage girl in me.

    The eurovision loving, wanting the UK to win again 20 something gay man in me thinks - if it is true I can see it going terrible wrong and almost an embaressment. They'd need a killer song and look at the new material they came up with for their 2008 comeback, not the most promising rousing song material.

    If we're going down the fantasy particpiant list I will throw in my usual Girls Aloud, Kimberly Walsh or Sophie Ellis Bextor trio of requests.

    On a more realistic level someone like Beverly Knight might be cool, she defintiley got the vocal talents and has been known to sing a catchy tune or two!

    As long as it's somebody established this year again and the beeb haven't been put off by 2011. Despite what various media outlets say we did well in Dusseldorf and acheived a place we could be proud of. It's such a shame that the points were so spread about this year as 100 points in any other year would surely have got us a top 10.
  2. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    *cough* Steps reunion *cough*
  3. Beverley Knight should definitely do it, she'd blow the rest of the performers out of the water with the right song. They just need to pick the right track and we'd be onto something.
  4. This again falls in the same category as The Spices for me, Would love it but could be awful. I don't think this would happen though, in an interview a few years back Faye was asked about this an she bascially poo pooed it saying somwthing like she couldn't of anything worse :( was a rumour a few years back that Lisa was going for it, I wouldn't mind that, or Claire on her own too.
  5. The Spice reunion would just make no sense. They don't need to take the risk of not winning and feel ashamed. Olympics reunion is far more probable.

    Melanie C, on the contrary, has everything to win and nothing to lose. There wouldn't be so much pressure on her as people wouldn't expect the same from a solo Spice than from the group itself. Whatever the position she ends up with, she would get an immense promotion in Europe and Australia.

    Above all, she is an artist that can recall both jury and live audience. With her powerful voice, and a slow song with a catchy melody (I'm thinking Drown or Get Out of Here, from her new album) she would really make the difference.

    What a coincidence
    that this rumour is released only two weeks before her album release, right?
  6. Much as I agree with you 47th_belmon I can't see Mel C doing this on her own. Yes she would probably rock it and has very little to lose in terms of public perception if she does 'badly' but it took her I don't know how long to agree to the Spice reunion in 2008 after publicly saying she wouldn't do one. I can imagine she look upon Eurovision with even more disdain (possibly too harsh a word there) than she did the reunion before she agreed to it.

    I wouldn't mind seeing The Saturdays giving it a go, but seeing as they're doing a bit better now than before again can't imagine them doing it, plus not too sure how well the live performance would go.

    Any other suggestions? Our amalgamated wishlist so far is:

    Spice Girls
    Girls Aloud
    Kimberly Walsh
    Sophie Ellis Bextor
    Beverly Knight
    Mel C
  7. MilkyBarKid Said this on the other thread...
    That's kind of the key point, she would do it if the BBC treats her according as her profile.

    I just think it's too weird that the official Eurovision website unveils an article about the Spice Girls right before one of them releases a new album; an article that is essential for the promotion she's getting from other media, as the only reason they're reproducing it it's because it comes from an official website.
    There could be a connection between the promotion of Melanie's new album and the Eurovision website, and it could be...BBC?

    Always speculating, though. The simplest explanation is that...it's only coincidence.
  8. Kym Marsh could also do it, she tried it once and delivered a great track on the UK pre-selection - plus, she's also a dead cert for a great vocal on the night of the show. Give to her a Guy Chambers guitar ballad and the UK will win, mark my words.
  9. If Melanie C does do it, we'd surely gets 10-12 points from her main markets:


    That's a whole lot of points, whilts Blue only had Italy as a surefire giver and ended up at 11th place with almost no jury points on their side!
  10. The Pet Shop Boys would storm it. Convincing the Pet Shop boys would be considerably more difficult. I can imagine their reactions to being asked: well-articulated disdain.
  11. It depends, Neil's voice is not everyone's cup of tea and it could go either way depending on the song that's chosen for them.

    On another note, Denmark would also give Melanie some high points due to fandom - see? that's more than 7 certified 'giving' countries.
  12. I dont think Kimberlys voice would stretch far enough, and I cant see Beverley Knight being interested.

    As for Spice Girls - I WISH - but never in a million years.

    I could see Mel C going for it though - but havent the rules change so their has to be some kind of national selection? That would surely count her out.

    An established act is only a requirement for how big the show is on UK TV - sending an unknown is perfectly fine, as long as the song is good enough, which it rarely is e.g. Jade / Josh.

    I hope the beep apreciate that on public votes, Blue would have finished 3rd!

    My advice - just get Gina G back. She'd never do it (I dont think....), but if anyone deserves another shot, it's her!
  13. Much as I absolutely LOVE Gina (she's the whole reason I became obsessed with Eurovision in the first place - back when i was 8) she'd never top Ooh Aah. She did try to represent the UK again back in 2005 with 'Flashback' and although I liked the song it just felt, for me, very sub par compared to Ooh Aah. There's no excuse though for her coming last and Katie bloody Price almost winning!! Sometimes I hate the British public.

    If the BBC have got any sense they will look at 2011 as a success rather than a failure, as you pointed out cj we had a televoting hit (i think we'd have been 5th rather 3rd but i am just doing it from memory) so all we need now is something that can register no the juries radar too. Basically Blue mixed with Jade Ewen. Oooh the Sugababes might be worth a shot, not like they've got a great deal going on now. If they could win it would certainly re-raise their profile me thinks.
  14. TK


    Now that the BBC will be producing/broadcasting the UK edition of 'The Voice', I reckon that they could pick an entrant (if not the winner) from the eventual bevy of talent. That would be the safest option. All they'd then need to do is draft in a talented songwriter and the UK's all set.
  15. Hasn't Eurovision changed the rules, though, that there must be at least some public vote component to every national final? So there would just be one extra step in the plan you suggested, is all.
  16. TK


    Ah yes, that slipped that mind. So perhaps in the Grand Finale, the winner or the Top 2 could sing a variety of different songs for the public to put forward as the Eurovision entry, much in the way of 'Unser Star Für…'.

    Or once the winner is selected, they could have a different show right after dedicated to selecting the song.

    There are quite a few interesting formats for the BBC to consider.
  17. I guess if you need to have some sort of vote then you can still preselect your artist, as I think some countries already have, just maybe not the song. This could be a going-through-the-motions exercise if you have one great song and you just throw something shit into the mix.

    The only problem in the UK would be if they let a song into the preselection that the general public will think sounds "Eurovisiony" and someone like John Barrowman onto the panel to proclaim how brilliantly it would do at Eurovision.
  18. Definitely. Basically letting the British public have ANY say in the matter is potentially disastrous.

    But something like the German selection last year would be very welcome.
  19. They did the same thing in Spain on 2001, 2002 and 2003. With good results in the contest (they all were top10) and great ratings of the selection and the festival.

    It would be a smart move.
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