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United Kingdom 2012 Entry

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by cjwhite1, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

  2. We did not see this coming.
  3. Well jaws have certainly dropped. I'm going to totally reserve judgement until we hear the song. Who knows, this could be a stroke of genius. It'll get a lot of attention could being a very respectable result.

    But bloody hell, can't we just once go into the contests with a genuine chance of winning?!

    Is he British?
  4. He is! And his real name is Arnold George Dorsey.
  5. This is pretty much the performance we will get at Eurovision isn't it?

    He has a great set of lungs on him but the most entertaining he can be is waltz around the stage smiling like a kindly grandad at the lunatic 20-30 somethings wearing their pink feather boas.
  6. Clinging to the positives, he can sing. Really rather well indeed. Clearly they've gone for ironic kitsch and we're just going to have to make the best of it. We can leave the musically relevant entries to Loreen and Tooji instead.

    Lots of fans have gone nuts about this, and I can understand why, but a couple of months back those same fans were desperately hoping Lys Assia would represent Switzerland with essentially the same kind of musical demographic.

    At least we finally know now, and frankly it wasn't something they needed to wait until the last minute to announce (we can only assume they've had a few irons in a few fires and just had to go with the best option after some of those fires burned out).
  7. It is mildly amusing but you know what, I'd rather send him than Atomic Kitten. We could send some pretty blonde with a contemporary pop song and still get it wrong and come last. So why not go for something unexpected? We've got to reserve judgement until we hear the song. The songwriters have a Grammy and an Ivor Novello between them so it might be really good. They're willing to put their reputation the line.

    I don't suppose he'll win, but he could go down very well with the juries.

    It's very unpleasant to see people being so rude about a man who's had a 40 odd year career and sold 150 million records (if that figure is true..). Let's show the man some respect.
  8. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Des O'Connor would have been a better choice.
  9. Suddenly John Barrowman and Atomic Kitten look very attractive. The BBC continue to excel in their crusade to make British people the laughing stock of Europe. The clip of the old fossill singing with the Toppers even shows that the so-called legendary voice has long since left him. In May this will look and sound like your grandad doing karaoke. A result to match Andy Abrams, Scooch and Josh Dubovie awaits. We never learn. Or rather the pathetic BBC never learn.
  10. duckface

    duckface Guest

    ...I actually double checked that it was March 1 and not April 1 when I saw that headline.

    What the actual fuck. Although assuming old people still vote, this could actually do quite well.

    Probably not, though.
  11. WOAH let's not get carried away here!
  12. Just yesterday I thought it might have been Tom Jones or Shirley Bassey.

    Trying to look at the positives, at least the juries might like Engelbert? That would be enough for us to finish outside the bottom 5 which has to be considered a success in these circumstances.
  13. Is he really famous in Europe or something? That's the only logical reason I can think of for this choice.
  14. For some utterly bizarre reason I'm really coming round to this. If the song is cracking and he really belts it out, who knows. He's very charming, I bet still has a susbtantial following across Europe (ish). For many it could be a wonderful bit of nostalgia, leading to votes. And juries will almost certainly appreciate a solid song sung well.

    My only big greivance is that by doing this the BBC are alieanating such a huge part of the UK, most young people will not even be remotely interested in the contest this year, when really the whole thing is exciting enough to be up there with X-Factor and the like.

    But I guess this will be a ratings hit regardless!

  15. I'm actually OK with it too. Not ideal, not musically relevant, but it's someone of international repute and with instant name recognition.

    I do hate how the British press have done exactly the same thing that they do every year though - i.e. that he has been "drafted in" after a string of disappointing and embarrassing results. We really can't comprehend anything other than victory as acceptable or appropriate for the "mighty" United Kingdom can we?

    I feel sorry for Blue. Well... ish. The truth is that last year they finished fifth in the televote, which was our best televote result since Jessica Garlick. The fact that it slipped to 11th on the night because of that jury result means that the BBC have clearly thought they need to go back to the drawing board AGAIN, rather than learn from and build on a positive step in the right direction.
  16. At least EH can sing. My initial thought was 'Why?' but having given it some consideration, it could be far worse (Scooch, Atomic Kitten, etc). I guess we'll have to wait and see - we might be surprised.
  17. I have given it some consideration as well and I am, despite my initial reaction, coming round to it.

    It is a development on the success of last year. Bascially, they have picked a well known act (a la Blue) and hand picked the song (like last year). The spin this year is that the artist had their heyday in the 70's, but did have a global career.

    Im reserving my opinion until I hear the song. Lets see where this goes.
  18. This is from 2010, at a Russian/Eastern European music festival - he really has still got it!

    The note from 2.50 in, blimey, something like this on the night will go down a treat!

  19. OK, he can still sing. None of the clips of him performing lately have convinced me that he is still fantastic but his vocals no worse than any winner in recent years other than Marija Serifovic.

    Now the song is all important. It will probably be a ballad but if he is going to get any support from anyone who is too young for a Freedom Pass, it needs to be much better than My Time and much less cheesy than his songs from the 60s or his age will work against him and he will just come across as irrelevant and finish dead last at least in the televote. To be honest, I don't have much faith that he will get that song but according to Wikipedia, he sacked his old management for turning down the chance to collaborate with Gorillaz which would suggest that he is at least willing to do something unexpected and has his finger at least somewhat on the pulse.
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