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United Kingdom 2012 Entry

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by cjwhite1, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have any link to any of this modern stuff with yonger artists he is supposedly keen to do? The clips I have seen show he is a right belter (better than Tom Jones who I have always found over-rated) but seems to be stuck in the 70s. No indication a collaboration with Gorillaz et al would be in any way congruous.
  2. Something dignified and credible like the "contemporary-songwriter-using-the-artist-as-a-muse" stuff Shirley Bassey did on her last album would be brilliant.
  3. I want the song to be dark, dramatic and sound like the world is ending.

    Or be like "Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart".
  4. Me too.
  5. I don't see how, it's the wrong note.
  6. Yes! And a moment equal to this:

    "But I can only watch you with
    My nose pressed up against the window paaaa-aaaane"

    I think he'll do fairly well, to be honest.
  7. Just came across his last release from 2010. I think this kind of thing could do very well.
  8. Yes, he has a sincerity of vocal style which commands attention even if this particular song is a bit forgettable (which is the kiss of death for a song that has to make an impact in 3 minutes). I would, however, prefer him to have a bit of a glitzy show number with lots of brass on the backing track.

    When the hell are we going to hear it is I suppose the big question... I think the deadline is March 18th-ish...
  9. Well based on who he's working with, and the brief they will have been given, I'm going to remain astutely optimistic about the song!

    Well crafted, hopefully very sad and emotional, with a massive finishing note... and who knows, it could be a winner!
  10. I'm guessing it's going to be very much along the lines of 'My Time', but with a slightly more current, less 'musical-esque' feel, given that the writers work with Adele. When i first heard My Time, I hated it, but came to love it after a few listens.
  11. So do we have like a week to come up with a song?
  12. They said its being finalised this week, including the video, so I'd assume its pretty much finished. Actually very excited to hear it! With such a controversial artist choice it really all dependon the song now.
  13. UK Eurovision "videos" have been dreadful for at least a decade, I hope this isn't too bad. Obviously the song is more important though. I do hope I like it. He has great potential.

    I think the only recent video exception was Jade Ewen. They actually seemed to put some effort into that one.
  14. They shot Jade's video twice.

    The lord didn't like the original.
  15. Please Christ let it have a higher budget than the Josh Dubovie promo video.

    Mind you, a Primark onesie has a higher budget than that.
  16. So yeah a full week to wait. Boo. Better be worth it!
  17. No no NOOOOO.

    It's looking like a traDuboviesty of a video.
  18. Oh god. Somehow I'd forgotten how utterly horrific and shameful that was. *shudder*
  19. I can't believe Josh was only two years ago. It feels like decades.
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