United Kingdom 2012 Entry

Reasonably impressed with this. Its a pretty classy song. His vocal is also much better than I expected. Much better than I thought it would be to to fair.

I could see it doing Jade and coming top 5, but its going to be Russia.
I waited for it to get going but it never did. Needs panpipes, or drums, or something.

Is there meant to be a weird strobing effect in the video, or is it just that BBC's video player is a bit ...fucked?
It's nice enough but I agree with Tribal Spaceman. The key change is nice but I was already a little bored by that point.

Sounds like it was written for a Eurovision in the pre-televoting days. There is no way that it is going to get many votes but the juries will like it.
All things considered, it's better than I expected. But still, terrible. For a country at the forefront of pop music, it's embarrassing.
KamikazeHeart said:
If Italy could get to #2 last year, this should have a good chance at reaching top 10.

Or for a more pessimistic view, if Austria could only get to #18 last year, we are going to really struggle to make the top 20.
OK after a 2nd view, the ending totally makes this song. Key change, then that awesome 'money note' - total goosebumps! If he nails that on the night, we'll do extremely well.
I really like it, but it took me six listens to remember much of the melody. Which is - for a show reliant on standing out in 3 minutes for the vast majority of viewers who haven't heard the song before - a problem.

That said, I do think the juries will lap it up, and I can see him picking up a lot of televotes on star power alone.

If anything, I think the big money notes are a bit out of nowhere and not really in keeping with the earlier subtlety of the song, but I suppose they're the only opportunity for a big arena 'moment'.

I think Top 5 is highly possible, but he's got nowhere to hide hitting those notes from nowhere.
It's like the Greek entry circa 1973 (I'm making this up obviousy. Greece's 1973 entry could have been amaze for all I know).

Maybe something Nana Mouskouri would have recorded in 1969.

It's not even bad it's just utterly pointless.


I think an Almighty remix of this would be really good.

Top 5? I highly doubt it. Can't picture anyone in an Eastern European country picking up their phones for this. Personally I quite like the chorus, and the jury will possibly like it as well. I think the UK could get a few places higher than last year with this, but won't have a shot at winning.