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United Kingdom 2012 Entry

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by cjwhite1, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Sounds like Tom Jones or Shirley Bassey but surely not.....
  2. Esctoday forums seem to be pretty certain that it will be Tom Jones.

    Not sure what to think about that, I don't like his music at all but he is pretty massive for Eurovision.
  3. You didnt hear it from me!

  4. Tom Jones doing Eurovision in 2012 would be.............bizarre.
  5. That would be the campest thing EVER!!

    Steve x
  6. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    If Shirley did something like Get The Party Started that would be amazing. (That was her, right? I'm on my phone so didn't doublecheck)

    What speaks for Tom Jones is that he has the BBC connection with The Voice...
  7. IF this is true, its brilliant news. Having such a legand doing it is going get it press coverage the like it hasnt achieved in decades.

    Lets bloody hope its true.
  8. But it wouldn't make him contractually obliged to do any old shit?! He would actually have to think this is a good thing for him in some way.

    It's unfathomable why either would do it unless they feel there is some kind of untapped eastern european market they are missing out on?

    The mind boggles.
  9. Oh I agree.

    I don't like either artist, "History Repeating" and "It's Not Unusual" aside, but it would do wonders for the way the UK's attitude is perceived in the contest.
  10. It would also mean that the BBC are really going for it this year, suprising considering so much of their time and money is focused on the Olympics.

    Mind you, its always a big ratings pull isnt it?

    Also, should we win, its blatantly got to be at the 02.
  11. Agreed neither artist do anything for me, I really hope it's not Tom, but Dame Shirley Bassey could be all kinds of amazing. And surely, surely, surely, she'd go down incredibly well? If she nailed it juries would undoubtedly adore her, ensuring a good placing.
  12. I'm not sure how well either would do despite their pedigree.

    The French have had a few recent entries by bona fide singers who placed rather poorly against a competition consisting of the usual pretty eastern europeans, pyrotechnics, gimmicks and cheesey choreography.

    Watching Shirley Bassey place sixth while an unknown Bulgarian unicycling transexual violinist wins would be rather tragic.
  13. Maybe it's Sarah Brightman... That would be a fairly random one!
  14. Keep an eye on the eurovision betting odds after the announcement. We are already in 6/7th place.
  15. But Bassey and Jones were bonafide megastars in their day(like global stars), and are still capable of making reasonable record sales even now. I cant think the last time someone with that kind of global success has been involved with the contest.

    Dame Shirley would be magnificant. She never fails to nail it. I remember watching the televised concert she did at the Camden Roundhouse as part of the BBC Electric Proms a few years ago. That voice; it blows your face off.
  16. Amazing. Post of the week.

    I am officially excited about this now.
  17. I've just heard a terrible rumour that it's "The Hoff"
  18. Well, thats got the German vote.

    Rumour on FB at the min is that its a band, with a Scottish female lead singer?


    I think we can discard that one!
  19. EURYTHMICS are reforming (in my dreams)!!!
  20. My mate has confirmed Bassey again. WHEN WILL WE HEAR!?
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