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United Kingdom 2012 Entry

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by cjwhite1, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Wow - I'm actually impressed! This will be HUGE in the press.

    Next concern - the song!
  2. In all seriousness, the rumours have tended to focus on:

    Grammy nominated
    Older solo act (older than 70 apparently)

    The most likely from what I've heard are Cliff Richard, Tom Jones, Morrissey and Shirley Bassey.

    The only act that seems to fit the above criteria and will be available at the time is Shirley Bassey.

    I'm actually coming round to the idea.
  3. I just had a vision of a Pet Shop Boys penned show stopper.

    Its got to have brass in it.

    In other news, is it true it will be broadcast earlier this year as they are four hours ahead?
  4. Texas? They're no Garbage – or Shirley Bassey – but if they can sort out a new song as good as Summer Son, that'd be nice. Are acts allowed to take a load of massive bells on stage with them?
  5. A hell of a lot of delusional people suggesting Adele on facebook.

    Have they even SEEN what the BBC usually sends?
  6. Ha! Maybe she is a fan? Stikes me that should would do it just for her own amusement!

    Texas? Hmm.... Dont think they have any Grammys, and I am pretty sure Sharleen is bit too muso for such a thing.
  7. Just what I thought! I mean why not, if you were a fan it'd be such a fun experience. Although 'legend' definitely implies someone a lot older.

    Gina G was nominated for a Grammy.......
  8. Was she!!??
  9. Yep - Best Dance Recording in '97. Plus she must have sold enough of her debut to be certified platinum somewhere?

    Not sure on the legend bit, a Eurovision legend perhaps? #stillhoping
  10. Yep, "Ooh Aah" was Grammy nominated, probably for Dance Song or something.

    I can't see it being Gina. It's not like she did that well in the contest itself and nobody gave a shit when she was part of a public vote in 2005, so why would she get the honour of being pre-selected?
  11. Why so late? Are they hoping that it will go unnoticed by the general public or something?
  12. Haha that wouldn't be surprising. I think a big 'this is the UK and the BBC' reminder needs to happen.
  13. Its likely that the announcement was due to go out earlier but has been delayed for whatever reason. They will miss the daily papers though, which seems silly. Why not just announce it now?

  14. The news release has probably been embargoed for tomorrow, hence why there is 'talk' of who it may be...
  15. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    I've heard it's someone else who also fits those criteria, and not Bassey or Jones. I think disappointment is coming if it's true as it's someone as cheesy as The Hoff.
  16. New rumour: Engelbert Humperdinck

    Kill me now. Or at least give me Norwegian citizenship.
  17. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Electric chair or lethal injection, dear?
  18. Don't write him off yet, he had a Dance Album a few years back!

    (It's no Ethel Merman Disco Album, though. But what could be?)
  19. Is he still alive even?
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