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Unmissable.... The Neighbours Character Rate (2015-2016) (#1 - YOUR WINNER REVEALED!!!!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikey1701, May 13, 2016.

  1. Unmissable Drama.......

    University is over for the summer and I've been threatening to do this for a while now... and there is no better time to do this than now, when Neighbours is flying head and shoulders above our own soaps so let's do it. Let's rate all the major and supporting characters of Australia's finest non-Minogue export in history as of January 2015 (anything to get Naomi in there).

    The usual rules apply: you can award half-points and one eleven.... but here is the "twist"... you can only 'award' ONE zero. Commentary is optional, although very much welcomed. Below is a list of characters, rate them in this order and then send me your scores via the magic of PM. Those characters with '(*)' next to them are totally optional as I'm aware we have several new viewers.

    Get rating! Enjoy!

    Main Characters
    Aaron Brennan
    Mark Brennan
    Tyler Brennan
    Russell Brennan (*)
    Sheila Canning
    Xanthe Canning
    Naomi Canning (*)
    Kyle Canning
    Georgia Canning (*)
    Lauren Carpenter
    Amber Turner (*)
    Bailey Turner (*)
    Matt Turner (*)
    Paige Smith
    Karl Kennedy
    Susan Kennedy
    Nate Kinski
    Ben Kirk
    Sonya Rebecchi
    Jared “Toadie” Rebecchi
    Paul Robinson
    Daniel Willis (nee Robinson)
    Amy Williams
    Jimmy Williams
    Stephanie Scully
    Brad Willis
    Terese Willis
    Ned Willis
    Josh Willis
    Imogen Willis
    Piper Willis
    Doug Willis
    Pam Willis

    Julie Quill
    Tom Quill
    Jacka Hills
    John Doe
    Madison Robinson
    Sarah Beaumont
    Angus Beaumont-Hannay
    Cecilia Saint
    Dennis Dimato (*)
    Michele Kim (*)
    Sue Parker (*)
    Jayden Parker (*)
    Mary Smith (*)
    Courtney Grixti (*)
    Shay Daeng (*)
    Nick Petrides (*)
    Lyn Scully (*)

    Amber stans will be read for filth.

    Deadline: June 13th
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  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

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  4. By "popular" demand, I've added Cecilia Saint.....
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  5. Should Queen Nina Tucker not be in this?!
  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

    She deserves not to be in this if 'Only Human' is what we got out of it.
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Queen T FTW!
  9. I seriously considered including Nina and the other returnees for 2015, but that would have made the list even longer than it already is. The reason I included Lyn was because she returned for quite a while, as opposed to Nina who appeared for three episodes and Harold who was in for a week or so. Lyn was around for a full month by my reckoning.
  10. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Maybe we could have a "classic characters" rate in the future where everyone gets to choose two names to be included, from across the whole history of the show.
  11. That's something I'm seriously considering actually. Safe to say I will be nominating 90s fashion queen, Gabby Willis.
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  12. I meant what I said by the way folks...... you will be dragged if you come out of the closet as an Amber fan.
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  13. Screaming at this. I'm only scoring/commenting on Lyn out of the optional ones. I am, however, expecting Amber to go out quickly based on what I did see over the last few years. Good luck in LA...

    I'm finishing my scoring/commentary tonight. My 11 is a riot, I promise!

    @BTG Please make sure you do this! I am expecting the most wonderful commentary from you.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Are we rating the boys for their looks or for their character development *winks*

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  16. Personality and storylines obviously. I would never be so shallow as to be swayed by a pretty boy.
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  17. The look of thirst on Queen Lauren's face speaks for us all.
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  18. On a slightly serious note (it's not serious) I indeed recommend that you rate the pretty boys on their character rather than the eroticism of their knockers.
  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ben still gets a high score regardless.
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  20. Even Ben?
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