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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jackooh, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. They would have had to have started to be done.
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  2. Why is a girl group that's not even two years old, whose last release came out last November and who literally said there's more new music on the way two months ago in the comeback corner?
  3. Maybe because they also said five months ago new music was coming VERY SOON?
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  4. I mean they're very much a budget/side-gig girl group so I imagine recording/dropping new music in the middle of a pandemic might not be everyone's #1 priority, but my point is they're a fairly new group whose last release was literally just twelve months ago, and it definitely seems like they're still active.
  5. Seems like a bit of a mean spirited move that I don’t think is warranted unless whoever moved the thread has information that nobody else is privy too.

    Any benevolent mod feel like putting this into Potential Next Big Thing?
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  7. nn sis look at the number of posts/views this thread has compared to the other threads in the Next Big Things sub-forum. They belong in Pop & Justice and you know it x
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    Moving back.
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    Guess I'm......unperfect x
  10. I don’t get what would hold up new music for a band like Unperfect? I genuinely look forward to their releases. I hope there’s lots more to come.
  11. Going from Comeback Corner to Next Big Things to Pop & Justice all in the space of an hour is probably the most movement their career will ever have.
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  12. Reachable divas <3

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  13. For anyone interested, there was a track due to be released back in July called "She Ain't Me". It's still available in some online stores, like Beatsource, but not others. That leads me to believe it was pulled last minute and some stores simply failed to update in time: https://www.beatsource.com/release/she-aint-me/797157
  14. Nice. Cute cover...
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  15. This would slot nicely onto Yeah, Why Not. Hopefully we’ll get something with a mild push soon, I understand why but it’s a little insane that we didn’t get anything at all this year after having 9 original tracks, a cover and way too many mediocre remixes last year.

    The thing I’m most interested in hearing from them is a live performance. I’m sold on their music and this new snippet is leaning towards the first five tracks, so I have full confidence in their studio work. I’m surprised we didn’t get an acoustic session from home or something (they allow for each girl to have multiple takes to cover up anything going wrong, they’re literally the safest option for a first performance).

    Gots To Give The Girl has 142k views on YouTube, it’s such a great slow-burn ear worm. There is definitely a market for that style, fingers crossed whatever they do next gets a little push.
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  16. Yeah, I'm addicted to this snippet now.
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