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Unpopular Classic Pop Opinions

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fluorocarbon, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. This is a sister thread to the Charts & Rates highlight. Essentially, any views you have on classic pop that fly in the face of popular and/or critical opinion.

    To kick things off, I don't like New Order's "Technique." It starts with what I consider their worst '80s single ("Fine Time") and never really recovers. The sloppy vocal is the worst part about this song, but the production is equally mawkish. I can't believe the synth wizards responsible for "Blue Monday" and "Your Silent Face" made such an inelegant mess. Elsewhere, the songs just don't reach the highs of previous albums. I keep what amounts to about half of this (the last three songs plus "Round and Round") but even those have tricks PSB did 10x better.

    Bonus unpopular New Order opinion: "Movement" is a fantastic album that has never gotten its due. It may have no hit singles but the atmospherics keep me coming back to it often. Plus, you can hear the Joy Division sound slowly crystallizing into the New Order style in real time, which is fascinating.
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  2. A few of mine

    Ed Sheeran and Adeles discographies are boring
    The Saturdays have the best Collection of b sides from any girlband
    3.0 were the best Sugababes line up
    Mariah Carey hasn't put out one genuinely amazing album in her career
    Beyonce is vastly overrated solo
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  3. They are both great but Jody Watley beat Janet Jackson at her own game with her first two solo albums.
  4. I've never listened to any Jody Watley apart from "Everything" (and only because Faye Wong covered it). I'm a big Janet fan though, so based on that (bold) comment it might be time for me to finally check out her stuff.
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  5. Haha, please do. It's not a diss on Janet, I love her Control/Rhythm Nation eras, it's more of a sign of praise for Ms Watley.
  6. Joy Division were terrible until they...erm...replaced the lead singer.
    U2 were always terrible even as far back as far as the 80s.
    S Club 7 were one of the worst pop groups of their time.
    Steps were a blot on Britain's pop landscape.
    Appleton were the uncool part of All Saints.
    Take That weren't all that.
    Terry Hall is one of the great British songwriters even though he didn't write Ghost Town!
    Sandie Shaw is better than Dusty/Diana/Petula etc.
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  7. This is fun. (I absolutely agree @Kirkland about Joy Division)

    Thompson Twins remain very underrated (in all their incarnations)
    John Foxx's solo work is miles better than Midge Ure's.
    Duran Duran have only a handful of good songs
    Kraftwerk after 1981 are more about packaging than music
    ZTT Records released, maybe, three good albums
    Marc Almond should have received more awards than Robbie Williams

    Oh, I could go on and on....
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  8. I now must research The Saturdays, because I only have one single (forgot which one but liked it a lot). Why? Because everything else about your post screams PREACH!
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  9. <rupaul_-_haha_thats_funny_tell_another_one.wma>
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  10. I'd recommend purchasing the deluxe edition of their greatest hits it features every single and every B Side. Great place to start. So underrated.
  11. Thank you, I will certainly do that!
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  12. Morrissey solo overall is better than The Smiths
    U2 were really crap, they made 2 great albums (JT & AB) then became crap again
    Even at her worst Madonna is still better than all the other Pop girls
    Janet > Michael
    Beyonce and Adele are over rated and I don't think they are great singers
    I simply don't understand why so many people like Ed Sheeran, he's so mediocre
  13. *twitch, twitch*

    Totally agree with you on Duran Duran though. They made their best album as Arcadia.
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  14. I agree with the Janet>Michael theory, overall.

    On a sibling theme, Neon Nights is the best Minogue album.
  15. I felt the same when the single/album first came out. Fine Time appalled me....it was one of those "what the heck is this crap? is this the B-side they're playing by mistake?" moments.

    Somehow, I must have changed my mind a bit, or at least grown to really rate the other songs a lot more, because it ended up just squeezing into my Top 100 Albums Of All-Time list. But most of that is down to Vanishing Point, Run and the rest of Side 2.
  16. It is an unpopular classic pop opinion, I suppose, but only without the 'classic pop' part. I hated Steps and S Club. They summed up everything I hated about pop music and I couldn't find a single redeeming quality about either group. They weren't for me.
  17. The Spice Girls were terrible and Wannabe is, without doubt, a low point in the history of recorded music. Quite why they're revered as much as they are around here is staggering.

    Lowe/Tennant are a far better song writing team than Lennon/McCartney.

    The Seventies were better than the Eighties.
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  18. This is a fact!
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  19. Goffin/King, Ashford/Simpson, Taupin/John, The Brothers Gibb, Bacharach/David... just so many song writing teams that I think are as good as Lennon/McCartney.
  20. Don't forget Wannabe gave us that delicious Motiv8 Slam Mix.
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