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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by itsthemanbearpig, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Rob


    I'm as far as episode 6 and season 4 is a damn mess. I'm not sure who, if anyone, we're meant to be rooting far and character motivations are so unclear and confusing. Didn't Rachel have a boyfriend in the very first episode who just disappeared? And what's with the new producer who just appeared without any real introduction and has barely featured?

    It's just all so bizarre, glad it's the final season as it's time for this show to end.
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  2. I’m on episode 3 and ready to give up. Nothing makes sense and too many characters are getting on my nerves.
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  3. Agree. I’m supprised about how fast this show has gone from being an award show contender and like by people to just chucking the last season on Hulu and no one careing.
  4. You won’t miss anything. I watched the whole thing and it was shit from start to finish.
    They really should have stopped after season 1... season 2 to 4 is a different show. A show about reality TV by people who’ve never watched reality TV.
    Like when Quinn tries to save one episode by having the wife of a crew member give birth on TV?! Who would want to watch that? Who gives a shit???
    I honestly can’t think of one good thing to say about this season.
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  5. Every review seems to be corroborating that. The decay is real.
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  6. Just finished the show too, gosh, that was a huge mess, not in a good way. I mean, I've always rooted for Rachel and I get what they wanted to do, but is REALLY bad written, it made zero sense.

    I was actually hoping for Rachel to OD on those pills.
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  7. The whole season was a top to bottom mess but I actually really enjoyed it regardless. It was definitely time for it to end though.
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  8. It was trashy and a bit of a mess but I still really enjoyed it.
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  9. It was a different kind of car crash television - full of irredeemable characters doing utterly idiotic things. AND YET I COULDN'T LOOK AWAY AND BINGED THE WHOLE THING IN A DAY.

    Loved it at the start and stuck with it. I even thought season 3 was a bit of a return to form. But after S4 I'm glad to say farewell.
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  10. I must be one of the few here really enjoying this. It feels like a return to form.. I'm on episode 5 but if it continues like this through to the end it might top season 1 for me. It's totally twisted and messy but actually so much more of an interesting watch compared to Season 3 which was going absolutely nowhere...
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  11. Season 4 was a mess and hard to watch, but I like that the season came around to Rachel and Quinn needing each other again. Ending with them literally burning the house down and their toxic past was quite satisfying, too. It doesn't negate the clumsy character work and the uneven narrative that ended up derailing the series, but I'm walking away without feeling too peeved and I'm glad I watched it all.

    In the end, the series fell into the same hole as the shows it was parodying. It kept trying to top itself with increasingly dramatic and surreal twists with very little rhyme or reason other than to shock us and make Rachel seem even more depraved. There wasn't much growth there, other than Rachel's acknowledgment of the monster she became in the finale. Season 1 will remain essential TV, though.
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  12. I wasn’t Madison’s biggest fan but her character was done so dirty in season 4. - I’m sure she was a semi-rootable character in seasons 1-3? She was just humiliated and mugged off left right and centre in season 4 and we were encouraged to feel that she deserved it.

    And what happened to Jay’s escalating coke addiction? Not that I needed a “drugs are bad” cautionary tale but there was literally no payoff.
  13. Just finished season 3 and had to google if there was gonna be a season 4.
    And i was shocked to learn that it premiered this summer! Have to binge now! And Rachel looks sickening!
  14. WOW Season 4 was liTTT

    Rachel going full-on psychopath with gorgeous blonde highlights, seriously how the fuck did she not die this season - Shiri Appleby did a great job though. Loved the change in cinematography, felt more cable lite and less Lifetime cheap. Definitely the best season after the first. The final 2 minutes with Rachel torching the house and visiting Quinn was low-key epic. Going to miss this messy toxic show.

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  15. Marti Noxon taking any opportunity to tell people she wasn't involved with the second season after the premiere is honestly more entertaining to me than most of those middle seasons. I honestly can't remember another show's reputation declining this quickly in recent memory. Unreal was critically acclaimed and received some Emmy attention for that first season, and then it really went off the rails. I still haven't seen the final season. Third season was alright, I guess.
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  16. Truly adored this series and those two women fronting it were incredible in every way.

    There was a scene after he visited Alexi in the hospital, he went to sniff some coke but realised how pathetic he had become. I guess that was the wake up call?

    Speaking of which, Jay the final season fucked me right off. He was such a hypocritical prick slagging off Rachel every five minutes, when a few episodes earlier he was getting drugs for an addict in the hope of getting some dick.
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