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Unwatching A Thread

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Baby Clyde, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. I keep doing this and a few hours later I'm getting bogged down with alerts again.

    I'm guessing this is something to do with amount of times you visit or post in a thread. Does it turn itself back on if you revisit? Is there anyway of stopping this?
  2. I think if you return to it, it sometimes adds you back to the watchlist. I get that a lot with 'Random Thoughts'.
  3. It's super annoying. Surely you can want to visit a thread without wanting to be alerted everytime someone posts in it.

    80 pages of 'UK Politics' alerts since Thursday are doing my head and making me miss out on alerts from other threads that I'm not constantly in anyway.
  4. @kal is usually good with these things. Let us summon him...
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  5. Go to Alert Preferences and under "Receive an alert when someone..." un-check the first box ("Replies to a watched thread").

    I can't believe that for almost a year now, you've been receiving an alert every single time someone has posted in a thread that you also happen to have posted in and you didn't think it was worth looking into!
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  6. kal


    But then you'd stop automatically receiving alerts for threads you've posted in. I don't know if this works for you @Baby Clyde but I can't offer any alternatives.

    Clicking 'Unwatch Thread' at the top right should stop sending you notifications, but it could be a bug in the forum platform.

    Also, why didn't I receive a tagification @Hudweiser?
  7. But that's what he wants, isn't it? He's being alerted every time someone posts in that thread purely because his Alert Preferences are set to do so (as mine were by default when the forum rebooted). The only alerts I have enabled in terms of threads are for likes, tags and quotes, which I assume is what Baby Clyde wants too, rather than him getting another three notifications simply because we've had this exchange!

    As for watching threads, you do so automatically as soon as you post in one, or you can watch a thread you haven't posted in by manually clicking that option at the top of the page. Same goes for un-watching, it only sticks for as long as you don't post again in that thread. Either way, it has no bearing over the alerts you receive, unless you've checked or unchecked the relevant options I mentioned.
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    Yes, I guess I didn't articulate myself well enough. And my reading comprehension is kind of missing today.

    Give @IMHO trophy points.
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  9. I dunno... Blame the EU!
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    Damn immigrants taking our tags.
  11. ...said the Bulgarian to the Anglo-Italian.
  12. kal


    I identify as Earthian.
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  13. Thanks. I've done that for now but was hoping there was a way to do this for individual threads. I'm happy to get notifications that new posts have been made in many threads that I don't go to often. It reminds you of conversations you've forgotten about, but when single thread that you spend a lot of time in anyway send them non stop it becomes too much.

    It would be good if just choosing to unwatch was permanent unless you choose otherwise.
  14. When you navigate the forum daily, do you generally click into each sub-forum and its threads individually, do you scroll through 'New Posts' or do you make your way through your 'Watched Threads' list?

    I always go to my Watched Threads first and make my way through those, picking them up where I last left them (the grey dot next to each thread title brings you to your first unread post since you last posted, as does clicking on the thread title itself most of the time), that way I can't miss or forget anything. Usually if I've made my way through all of those topics, I'll click on New Posts and see if any new or unseen threads interest me. I only ever unwatch when I know I'm unlikely to return to a topic and if anyone happens to quote or tag me, I know I'll receive an alert anyway.
  15. SBK


    Doesn't it remember the threads you've recently visited / posted in?
  16. I keep getting emails everyone time someone quotes a thread I've posted in, how do I turn this off? I'm sorry if this is obvious and I'm just being daft, it's my first day here.
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