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Upcoming & Classic Movie Trailers

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 9, 2017.

  1. I thought this could be fun and useful; a thread for sharing and discussing new & old movie trailers. Feel free to post bad trailers, too. They're usually more fun than the good ones.

    I'll start with a few recent ones that I'm excited to check out.

    Also, this looks insane:
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  2. The DRAMA!
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  3. That main cast is fucking incredible. I really like Dane DeHaan. The trailer looks great.
  4. I admit I rolled my eyes when I read the synopsis for Woodshock but the trailer has convinced me.

    I'm absolute gagged at The Little Hours and I need to book my ticket right this very second.
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  5. Judi Dench seems to be in every great movie going at the moment, and I have to say it is the first time I found myself attracted to DeHane too.
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  6. Great thread idea! Though maybe remove 'upcoming' from the title as here would be a great place to talk about classics like this;

  7. I thought of that and wasn't sure if people would go for it, but I'd love to use the thread to dig up classics as well. I'll change it. I've never seen that Requiem trailer before, it's wild. I always loved the Mad Max teaser. I just rewatched the movie 2 nights ago on Netflix.
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  8. Just how does Judy Dench steal EVERY scene she's in?!
    Great example of a really dramatic trailer which I bet the film never actually lives up to.

    That looks brilliant, was honestly not expecting that when it started.
  9. This has gotten some rave reviews.
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  10. I'm literally counting down the days.

  11. This trailer is insane, and apparently dozens of people walked out of the film at the Cannes screening today. Reviews range from 'boring, awful slog' to quite favorable.

    Be warned; even the trailer is shockingly violent in parts.

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  12. I'm actually... quite intrigued?
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  13. Apparently Matt Dillon is stellar.
  14. I'm so ready for the Jenaissance.


  15. 13 year old me watched this trailer thousands of times. Something about it has always stuck with me.
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  16. Early 2000s horror trailers were usually quite iconic. I remember this had so much hype because everyone wanted to see Paris Hilton get murdered ddddd.

    This got me so hyped back in the day.

    Also, the new Susperia trailer looks fucking amazing.
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