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Username change (index of changes on page 9)

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by hullaballoo, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. From "Pedro J." to "Pierre", pretty please? Or is that already taken?
  2. You literally just got here.
  3. Technically, I've been here for a year or so. I just haven't been active. I don't want my old username.
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Big deal.
  5. Meh, forget it, it's taken. My flawless name can stay.
  6. I hate mine so much I think I am going to make a new account.
  7. 3Xs


    ^Have fun waiting a year.
  8. Does it take that long?!

    I had one of those moments there! It has been too long 3Xs.

    EDIT: Thanks to WowWowWow for showing me how to insert a video like that.
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  9. A&E


    Could mine be changed to "A&E" please? It's not on the members list and my current one is so clunky.
  10. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    Hello all

    I am about to start a new thread for username changes - if you want a new username please post in that.


  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Reviving this to make an index of recent username changes, for those of us who are struggling to keep up with the good sis @SockMonkey’s recent benevolence in granting some long-awaited username changes.

    31entrance = @Ugly Beauty
    Aaron = @popjunkie
    AbCF15 = @TwistedInnocence
    babes aloud = @Untouchable Ace
    baxterclan = @MB
    bellyache = @Batlish
    Buffyfan = @Honeymoon Avenue
    Can't Speak French - @Fortune
    cassiejojo = @teddienono
    Cathal = @Cognitive Dissonance
    Catri = @Nephilim
    Choirgirl Hotel = @Los Ageless
    ConfideInDita = @joeee
    danmha**** = @daninternational
    Cedric = @CharlesXCX
    ddog = @Doenjang
    enjoy v2.0 = @enjoy
    ǝuæ = @Phonetics Boy
    Eric Leonardi = @erikssonvagen
    euphorial = @AlmostMidnight
    everybodylovesx = @BricksAndStrings
    Faye1 = @Thecrispyair
    Foreign = @ADM
    Galaxy_star = @sugababesoverloaded
    highwayunicorn = @Candy Perfume Girl
    HollyDunnSomething = @Holly Something
    insmileoutblood = @ItBeats
    Ivan Mani = @iveivan
    Itty Bitty Piggy = @Babylon
    James2009 = @Jamie
    JapaneseJesus = @Edu
    IAmMrDexB = @TéléDex
    ibelieve (fka ibelieveinsantogold) = @Suburbia
    iknowaprostitute = @Toshi
    Jaamzz = @SupersonicBionic
    JakeMagnus = @jtm
    James_B = @BubblegumBoy
    JamesJupiter = @Fuchsia
    jukon = @junkos
    lehnw01 = @No hay banda
    LP = @LPT
    lucasdcarvalho = @KidAbelha
    Maneck = @Neon Green
    Matty_up = @mattieh
    Meathook = @Judy Jetson Hooker
    Miyawakiwi - @Joli Chat
    mokitsu = @Butterfly
    Mulder = @Morpheus
    Music Is Life = @Music Is Death
    neonpanda = @cuddle dungeon
    nomoresadsongs = @chromatica
    PayMe = @IfUSeekAmy
    Pecans = @Pineapple
    Petit nain des Îles = @Crisp X
    Phunk = @Passion
    popscouser = @Physical
    Riiiiiiiii = @Rie Runway
    Robinho#1 = @Queen Majesty
    Sacrifices = @Grins
    Sam de Jour = @Sam
    Saycsar Fleurima = @sayzee_spice
    Sc***ki***ns**r = @Corso
    Seanie = @SBK
    SissyThat = @abcdellis
    Stebello = @Carlo
    Stepsmatt = @Heretic
    The Hot Rock = @fatyoshi
    Terminus = @Andrew.L
    Thorever = @Celestial Mosaic
    Threeney = @Monado
    TomC = @The Knowledge
    Untouchable Ace = @Old Untouchable Ace
    upyours7890 = @favouritecolour
    Voodoo = @Disco Tears
    Voodoo Child = @Disco Down
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  12. Some of these changes...

  13. I changed mine because I'm separated from my long term partner and his last name is Dunn so I didn't think it was right to use it anymore. Also, my picture is still the same so I doubt I'll cause any confusion.
  14. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    I knew there was a thread somewhere! Thanks @londonrain
  15. Let me say thank you to SockMonkey in here to avoid clogging up the RuPaul thread any further.

    I'll keep my avi/sig the same for a while since I'm a somewhat irrelevant new presence x
  16. @SockMonkey I tried to start a conversation with you, so here is my message to any Mods that could please possibly help @2014.

    Hello there @SockMonkey.
    The forum is really loving your work lately.

    I wanted to propose a solution to my problem I have on this forum.
    I have 1 account @Untochable Ace that I prefer to use mainly, but have had no response for in changing my password, which means I can't access it all the time.

    I found the details of my original account from 2009 @babes aloud and have been using that as well in conjunction with the other account.

    Am I able to change the username for @babes aloud to Untouchable Ace so that I can use that account all the time?
    This would mean that we would have to change the @Untouchable Ace account username to something else like OriginalUntouchableAce or otherwise. I would still like access to the PM's on that account when I can so without deleting that account, is this solution doable?

    Thank you.
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  17. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    You’re now Old Untouchable Ace, and the babes aloud account is now Untouchable Ace.
  18. Try and explain this one now @londonrain.
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  19. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member


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