Username changes


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The inspiration for my new username is not Chumbawamba or Cherish (never heard their Amnesia 'till now, I like what I hear! Coincidentally I listened to Do It To It earlier this week, so maybe this is some sort of omen) - it is a tribute to my fave Britney song. And thanks @SockMonkey for updating my username so quickly!
The Cherish song was a single and had its own music video:

If you enjoyed Do It To It, you'd probably enjoy Killa:


Could I have my username changed to just 'Stewart'.

If that's unavailable, then 'StewartActually' would do.



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Can I change mine to KidAbelha please?
Hello, I wish to change my name to Lupita
Can I change my name to Floribella? <3
Hello, i wish i could change my username back to Verth