Usher - Coming Home

I could tell he put his heart & soul into that performance, and he did the best he could to sell that genre of music to me, which was never a favourite but is suitable for an event like the superbowl. That ending though.
Here it is before it gets taken down:

Full Setlist:
Caught Up
U Don't Have To Call
Love In This Club
If I Ain't I Got You (Alicia Keys)
My Boo
Confessions Part II
Nice & Slow
U Got It Bad
Bad Girl
( song?)
Turn Down For What (Lil Jon)
Get Low instrumental outro?

Songs I wish he included:
U Remind Me (really surprised at this omission?!)
You Make Me Wanna
Throwback (was not realistic but I love this song)
DJ Got Us Falling In Love

He was sooo good! As usual some annoying camera cutaways during choreography, but what a great show!

I was waiting for Pop Ya Collar, but it was pretty much banger after banger otherwise. And his smile is so cute!
He could still and I WOULD and he SHOULD.

What a man. I loved hearing the flaws he made because it showed that it was fully live without pre-recorded vokals.

He could've just stood there and sang but this man wanted to give a full performance and he did. The usual cishet male singers would've done the former.

I almost screamed when he came out in rollerblades!
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You just can't please everyone.

I know it wasn't My Boo huge but he could've brought out Yuna to give the slow down moment to the peformance. The song was huge. granted it's not his song so I guess it was passed.

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The one thing I will concede is that maybe putting U Don't Have to Call and Superstar back to back so early in the set was not a great idea and slowed down the pace as they're not really signature Usher tracks. I would swap U Don't Have to Call for U Remind Me and Superstar for DJ Got Us Falling in Love, maybe slip You Make Me Wanna in there as I really love that one, heh.
I was really rooting for Usher to stomp but I’m sorry girls I thought that was a very underwhelming halftime.

The biggest issue was the set and art direction. Starting on a tiny platform and immediately using the grass cheapened it from the get go. It felt like it went in the wrong order at points.

I also felt like the camera work was trying to catch up and missing shots that felt like they should have been overhead?

Bum note aside, the Alicia segment was great. Lil Jon was also a fantastic addition.

I get what they were going for but the ending also felt an oddly muted? Again the camera not properly panning front on was bizarre?

I don’t know… it had so much promise and I can’t help but feel like it didn’t live up to that fully.
I just watched and I agree it started a bit awkward, everyone just standing on the field felt a bit "is there no budget this time around?", it definitely picked up from Love In This Club though, I especially loved the parts with Alicia, and H.E.R. surprisingly ate too. All in all it wasn't quite as fancy and sleek as the last few ones, but he did a great job and it was still a lot of fun.