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Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Sorry I’ve taken my eye off the ball -there’s an album coming, not just One Last Kiss Ep?
  2. I didn't think an album was confirmed? I hope so though.

    Time / One Last Kiss / brand new opus would be too great a singles run to leave dangling.
  3. Face My Fears, Time, Dare ni mo Iwanai, One Last kiss

    "... and PINK BLOOD makes 5 flawless new songs in a row."


    I was hoping she would announce a new album already.

    Yesterday, I gave 'Hatsukoi' another spin. It comes close, but 'Fantome' is her best one for me.
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  4. Isn't that anime coming out... This or next week? I'm perched, it sounds like another Nariaki collaboration.
  5. I feel like Heart Station never really gets its dues but that is one lush record - the first half in particular is just awash with the richest, most immaculately soft and textured production that still sounds fresh as hell 13 (!) years on. And melodically these songs are it. Personally I find it a much hookier, more accessible record than Fantome.

    Plus it's kinda rare to hear relaxed midtempos as exciting as Beautiful World, Kiss & Cry, Heart Station and Fight the Blues. The way the former's verses swell with urgency, and her vocal goes there with it, only to restore absolute calm and warmth every time the chorus comes back... that's my mom.
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  6. Hatsukoi doesn’t even begin to reach the highs of Ultra Blue/Deep River/Fantome and arguably even Heart Station, so the massive return to form I’ve been experiencing this era has been out of this world. Pink Blood sounds like another corker!
  7. She doesn’t have a bad album, so a new Hikki record is ALWAYS a call for celebration.
  8. Heart Station is soooo good and, as you said, still sounds fresh! One of my fave tracks by her is Take 5.
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  9. Heart Station is absolutely in my top 2. I like Hatsukoi quite a bit, but it's definitely her least essential album I think.
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  10. Hatsukoi is her weakest Japanese record by far dd. But going off the singles so far this new album is shaping up to be as good as Deep River and Ultra Blue.
  11. nn I had such bitterness towards HS because I didn't really think any of the singles like WOW KAPOW outside of Beautiful World and then the album only had like, what? four new songs? And I only loved one, which was Celebrate. I've reassessed along with HATSUKOI which I also didn't have much time for even though I thought it was fine, and while HS still feels like her weakest Japanese album to me, I'm not nearly as grumpy towards it as I used to be.

    HATSUKOI had the misfortune of not being on streaming right off the bat so I didn't listen to it much when it came out because it was a hassle but since it's on Spotify now, I've really been like oh okay, it's not the revelation that Fantome was but it did do the damn thing and has some all-timer singles for her with forevermore and anata. It wasn't really until the album that the singles for Fantome really clicked for me, with sakuranagashi really unfolding for me as the closer.
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  12. You really could make an argument for every album being her best album... except for 'This Is The One'.
  13. "First Love" and "Distance" are my least favorite of hers for sure. "Hatsukoi" on the other hand is probably my 4th favorite after "ULTRA BLUE", "Exodus" and "Deep River".
  14. Hold up sis…

    The trifecta of:
    Me Meuero
    Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
    Apple and Cinnamon
    Plus the gay anthems of Dirty Desire and On and On?

    You’re right we can make an argument for every Utada album.
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  15. This Is The One is...not great, but it pops off as a forgotten chintzy 00s rnb/pop. @Macsun sis how could you forget Taking My Money Back?
  16. TiTO is her worst album and that’s fine because yes a couple of bangers whatever but wow yeah sorry it’s dead last.
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  17. This Is the One is so full of character and charm. Lessers can’t even begin to touch it!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    So true besties!
  19. I don't think it's a bad album, it's just that it is her most faceless work. There's absolutely flashes of her but Exodus while also clunky at least swings for the fences.
  20. Exodus is a straight up 11/10 and one of my favorite albums of all time ddd
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