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Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. I love them so much. That’s all.
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  2. So proud of them. Reminded me of this iconic tweet:

    Queer icon!
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  3. I don't even know wat that person was trying to do, because one only needs to look at the LGBTQIA+ thread to that is very much a relevant storyline!
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  4. LGBTQIA+ SENSATION!!!!!! So proud of such a legend!
  5. The lyrics of PINK BLOOD take on a new meaning... Good for Hikki!

  6. Sounds like this might be one of the new English tracks?
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  7. It slaps.
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  8. The way this whole ass album will be out via commercial tie-ins before we ever get a title or announcement nn.
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  9. 3Xs


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  10. Why is this already sounding like the best English song they've ever done?! Like something straight out of the Ultra Blue era.
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  11. It's a HIT.

    Don't @ me but I like this more than Pink Blood already.
  12. Ugh, she's flawless. I hope all the songs after 'Hatsukoi' make the next album. At this point, I'm hoping for an extra long album or a double album, just to not have most of the next album being released beforehand.

    Face My Fears
    Dare ni mo Iwanai
    One Last Kiss
    Find Love

    It says a lot about the quality of her recent output when PINK BLOOD is the weaker one from these (in my opinion).
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  13. 3Xs


    Face my fears can stay orphaned.
  14. Agreed! I'm kinda over Kingdom Hearts these days which does affect my opinion on the KH3 songs even if they are good tunes in their own right. Face My Fears should stay on the EP.
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  15. Find Love sounds amazing! Album opener?

    Face My Fears can be the bonustrack.
  16. I need Find Love immediately.
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  17. Do I dare be vulnerable?
    What if I lose all control?
    But I don't wanna be alone
    Every day of my life, every day of my life

    So I gotta watch out who I share my affection with
    Until I find love cause I'm way too affectionate
    Not gonna park my desires
    'til I find love, 'til I find love

  18. Hikki coming out as non-binary is huge. The Japanese news even made the whole segment to explain what it means. And new song sounds lush already.
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  19. Any Queen Utada news of her performing at the closing or opening (or both for the love of god) at the Olympics?
    Would love to see her own that global stage
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