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Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Every time I see the topic up I get in hoping for a Find love release date or an album announcement.
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  2. One Last Kiss seems to be gone from Amazon Music. I wonder why? Maybe a re-release timed with the U.S. Evangelion release on Amazon Prime Video?
  3. 3Xs


    Ddd the way it felt like things were moving full steam ahead toward an album and then... Nothing.

  4. They've been back in the studio in NY with A.G. Cook!! Can't wait to hear what they've cooked (nn) up
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  5. -meryl streep in devil wears prada voice- why is nothing ready
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  6. Saving Find Love for a week before album release I see!
  7. I'm here for more Utada + A. G.
  8. A.G. zhuzhing everything up with a co-producer credit like Stuart Price did with Aphrodite, THAT I can get behind.
  9. Welcome to our newest fan @DoggySwami, thanks to the Eva Rebuild movies!
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  10. Seriously. I've known her from the songs she's done for Square Enix, but Beautiful World is absolutely essential. How come I've only got to hear this now?
  11. So you will get to hear the songs on Deep River/Exodus/Ultra Blue and see their videos for the first time? Jealous.
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  12. @UTADA

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  13. Wish I could hear Sakura Drops and Passion for the first time!!
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  14. Went to see a photography exhibition yesterday and there she was... Fuji Keiko aka Hikki's mom, 50 years ago!


  15. Spring 2022 for the album.

    feels like she’s been teasing this forever. Everything pre one last kiss can go I think but I’m sure everything will be on there.
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  16. Time has to be on there, with One Last Kiss. Gotta be, gotta be. Don't need the others (or Pink Blood) though teebs.
  17. All of the singles can be on there as long as the album is like 15 tracks long. If COLORS ended up on ULTRA BLUE, everything since Face my Fears can be as well.
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  18. Spring better mean like March and not May.
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  19. Finally! Great news. Best album of 2022.


    According to their website (and Google translate), it seems like most songs since HATSUKOI are included: One Last Kiss, Find Love, 君に夢中 (Kimi ni Yuzuru), Time, PINK BLOOD and even Face My Fears.

    Sadly and weirdly, 誰にも言わない (Dare ni mo Iwanai) isn't mentioned.

    Even though we've had most of these songs for a while, they're all stunning, so I'm excited to have them on their next album. But I'm hoping they have recorded plenty new songs as well.
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  20. YES! And "Kimi ni Muchuu" is out 26.11.2021.
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