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Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. You got me scared!
    Dare ni mo iwanai is mentioned and will be on the album:

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  2. Justice for Dare ni mo Iwanai.
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  4. Woops, I didn't see that one. So we're getting it all thankfully.

    Can't wait for 'Find Love'. That snippet.

    Do I dare be vulnerable
    What if I lose all control? (Oh)
    But I don’t wanna be alone
    Every day of my life, every day of my life

    So I gotta watch out who I share my affection with
    Until I find love 'cause I'm way too affectionate
    Not gonna park my desires in line
    Find love, 'til I find-
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  5. "To celebrate the release of the new digital single 'Kimini Muchuu' theme song of the TBS drama series 'Salai' ..."

    Queen of scoring theme-song deals.
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  6. Can’t wait for the new single and the album. Tbh I would have left Face My Fears put.
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  9. 3Xs


    I was just wondering if we were ever going to get the album. Bummer it isn't this year but glad we've at least got another song coming to tide us over. Loving the artwork for the single.
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  10. FINALLYYYYYYY. It's a ways off but FINALLY. I'm glad all the singles are gonna be on it, they've all been various shades of excellent and suite each other, but it better be a substantial tracklist nn.

    Why is Find Love not the next single?
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  11. Tippy Toe but make it Stay Gold, so chill. We need the damn album!
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  12. 3Xs


    Holy fuck that piano melody is nuuuts. The production this era is just top-notch.
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  13. Her fucking power.
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  14. I'm so ready for this to be my favorite album since Ultra Blue. Everything she has released lately, the snippet above included, is top tier Utada.
  15. I am not listening to any other song until the album lest I've already heard half of it already.
  16. The synths that come on halfway through that clip… I hear sumn and it slaps.
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  17. Sounds fantastic!
    Imagine the album is like 15 songs and 10 of those are new.
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  18. If it's the worst expectation, I can only be pleasantly surprised!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    So true bestie!
  20. They better replace that shoe on the floor with the album's release date in a post soon or else!

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