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Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. MV coming, along with trying to finish off an English version!

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  2. It’s amazing that after all these years in the industry and an A+ discography they may be about to release their best album.
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  3. The change in the bridge gave me goosebumps. Another smash.

    Everything I do makes it obvious
    That I'm into you and it's only cause
    Suki sugite dōnika ~naru huUUU~
    Shirebashiruhodo tōnoku
    Shinjitsu o oikakeru saichū ni
    ~Watashi ga watashi o azamuku~ OH BABY BABY

  4. The way they haven’t missed with any of these pre-release singles… like majority of them are among their best material. This album is going to destroy me.
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  5. They and AG Cook make a great team.
  6. There's something that's... almost later-day Mariah in their voice and choice of melody on this?

  7. The song starts like a Ultra Blue/Heart Station song. That would've been enough to make it a great song, but then those last 2 minutes happen, which makes it even better. As always, the production quality is amazing. It has always been there, but even more so since Fantôme.
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  8. It’s giving flavor and innovation.
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  9. The way the bass and piano keep drowning in and out of the song only to culminate so wonderfully in the end. Gorgeous.
  10. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that this era singles have shown some pretty enormous growth in their already insane production skills.

    They’re so textural and rich while also being clear and SO crisp.
  11. AG and Hikki just really seem to get it.
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  12. When Darenimo Iwanai came out I didn’t really pay it much attention but is is just SUCH a triumph. Gorgeous.
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  13. I feel like Darenimo Iwanai went a bit unnoticed because it was released too shortly after Time and it didn't get a video.

    Still, it's my favourite song from this era. The song is so well made, with so many layers, different parts and great musical transitions in between: the atmospheric intro, the "I won't tell my friends..." chant, the "Can you satisfy me..." break and the "One way street..." outro. Amazing.
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  14. I'm calling it now – this will be my favorite Hikki album. Everything's been hitting just right.
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  15. I went to Utada Exhibition at Sony Store last weekend.
    Her outfit was really gorgeous.
    The Exhibition is small, but I really enjoyed!
  16. They're about to drop their best album as some sort of ending theme for the world, right?

  17. Darenimo is my favorite among the latest singles. I really think these new songs are among their best but Darenimo could be even top 5-10 for me.
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  18. I'm ready to know all the details for the next album. We'll be fed, even if we'll get just 3 new songs aside from the songs we already have. It'll be a bulletproof 10 track album. But imagine if we'll get 7 or 8 new songs and a 15/16 track album.

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  19. I’m still getting my head around an AG and Utada record, the songs we’ve heard so far are 11s. All of the singles this era have felt like a love letter to ULTRA BLUE’s intricate production style and I’m gagged.
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