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Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.


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    Their second English album “This is the One” is one of their best and their most experimental too, definitely listen to that one next!
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  2. I love all the songs on that album. It’s a shame nothing took off from that.
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  3. Horny Utada is the best Utada

    You know why, I'm gonna be yours tonight
    We're gonna oh~ ah~
    FYI, we're gonna be up all night
    I'll see you later
    Call me
    You know my number


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  4. I hate when yall stan this album nn.
  5. -lady gaga beyonce telephone holding hands gif-

    TiTO is perfectly fine and I listen to FYI and Apple and Cinnamon fairly often but I could never hear the rest again and it would be no great loss to my life even if I would buy a vinyl in a second because I'm an insane person.
  6. I know I'm going to be ascending in 5 days no matter how many new songs.
  7. Their Japanese discography is vastly superior to their English discography except some few exceptions, and that's the tea.

  8. TITO is probably my least favourite by them nn, it’s lovely but a bit inoffensive? Apple and Cinnamon is a bop tho!
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  9. That tracklist!!? I'd rather the bonus tracks were dumped and the Japanese version of Face My Fears was replaced with the A G Cook remix. I really enjoyed the Da Capo mix of Beautiful World but do we need a remix of a 14 year old song on the album?

    Apart from that, Hikki is treating us this month between the album, online concert and the album discussion on Spotify!!
  10. It does tickle me that they put everything they ever do on the album regardless of how old it is.
  11. hello dolls, along with the hatsukoi pre-order, the other records have been restocked on CDJapan
  12. Damn Hatsukoi says sold out, it’s the only one I need now. Hopefully it gets a restock since it is the first day up.
  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I’m still not over first getting into Utada and thinking Easy Breezy was a cute girl and then getting my wig shorn off playing Exodus for the first time.
  14. Does anyone know what the hell the "mega jacket" is meant to be in the Amazon.jp listing?
  15. usually a blown up version of the cover, like 24 X 24
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  16. The fact they're all still available on CDJapan (except Hatsukoi rip) meaning I freaked out for no reason. They got me!
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  17. lmao MAN the way in late April HMV is gonna snatch so much money out of my bank account.
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