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Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. She really said #promo

  2. Me sitting with $600AUD worth of vinyl in my cart:

    I don't know if I just buy my faves or if I will regret it forever for not getting the full set...
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  3. It's annoying me that Hatsukoi is sold out everywhere still (except PlayAsia but it's so overpriced?). It's not even that good!!
  4. There was a super limited restock on CDJapan that I missed this morning at around 8am GMT. It might be worth checking at that time if you can over the next few days.
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  5. Pre-order is back up @Mr Blonde!
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  7. Thanks for the heads up girls. CDJapan's add to existing order option is lit.
    I lied! Hatsukoi is my friend <3
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  8. I honestly didn’t ADORE hatsukoi originally but it’s really creeped up for me. The drama of Good Night, the warmth of pakuchi no uta…we stan.
  9. “Play a Love Song” slaps.
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  10. I need to give Hatsukoi more time, it just felt really...tame after how much of a triumphant comeback Fantome felt like? Will relisten today. Can't wait for tomorrow!
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  11. It's out now in New Zealand, so I'm listening to the previews on iTunes in anticipation.

    BAD MODE is amazing, this little breezy disco-y bop. Definitely wasn't expecting this sound at all based on the title.
    気分じゃないの (Not In The Mood) is really pretty, mid-tempo sounds like a cute little jazz cafe moment, gives me Kimini Muchuu vibes. It's 7 minutes long, so I'm looking forward to hearing what is hidden in this track.
    Find Love is as good as the Shishido preview hinted it would be. A bop, I can feel a little bit of a build up in the preview but it cuts short.
    Somewhere Near Marseilles is also so unexpected, it's giving very early 2000s dance music with the Daft Punk-y beat in the background, but still feels super Utada, moody and melodic.

    Honestly I think with the addition of these 4 tracks on top of what we already have, this could definitely be one of their best albums...
  12. Oh man that means it’s on NZ Spotify, I can’t believe I’m going to be listening to this on my lunch break?? AOTY incoming!
  13. Listening to the previews made me take the plunge, instead of buying all 8 albums I decided to limit myself and get BAD Mode, Fantome, DEEP RIVER & ULTRA BLUE as they're my favourites.

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  14. Taste! I love em all but taste!
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  15. I love the bridge of BADモード being reminiscent of Letters, what a fun opener. Loving the gentle crooning of "hope I don't fuck it up, hope I don't fuck it up again", queen of dodging Parental Advisory labels. Also sounds like it's their son near the end of Not In The Mood, I'm loving all these little touches.

    Somewhere Near Marseilles is 11:55 long, can't wait until I get there.

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  16. Not In The Mood is a career highlight.

  17. 11:35 min long? Taylor Swift whomst?!
  18. 'Not In The Mood' being 7 minutes long and 'Somewhere Near Marseilles' being 11 minutes long.

    Utada twisting my ear for being slightly ungrateful for complaining the main tracklist only has 10 songs. Can't wait to listen to this.

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  19. Imagining an alternate universe where This Is The One was a collection of English songs all on the tier of Find Love. Another chill breakdown section at the end of this one too.

    Didn't expect Face My Fears to get new vocals, there's no reverb on this version and they're super crisp.
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  20. Is AG's remix of Face My Fears on streaming?

    I'm so curious about the new songs being 7+ minutes long but my lizard brain is most excited to BOP TO FIND LOVE
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