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Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. What a brilliant album, from a brilliant person. It feels like its been ages to wait for it, but it was worth it!! The run of the first 10 tracks is flaw free!

    unrelated, but I wish Utada's tags were fixed on last.fm dd IM BOILING LADIES
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  2. Are the lyrics translated in full somewhere?
  3. Here’s a diazepam
    We can each take half of
    Or we can roll one up
    However the night flows

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  4. Yeah this is front to back stellar. “Somewhere Near Marseilles” is an excellent extended closer.

    “Find Love” is SO good. Holding out hope we get another English album someday.
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    Full video is out! And the live session is being uploaded!!

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  6. Chanteuse of honest and vulnerable lyrics!!!!!!
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  7. I did not expect Somewhere Near Marseilles to be a lush acid house fantasy... we have been blessed on this day.
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  8. https://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/global/lyrics/utada-hikaru/bad-mode/
    There's a page for each of the new songs on lyrical-nonsense.

    I continue to love this era where we get fully-subbed-by-Utada music videos.

    I was looking around for a setlist of the Air Studios sessions and...they did Hotel Lobby and About Me?!? SHOOK.

    And finally, a very insightful interview with Billboard (one that feels specially for the queer fam) that I wish was caught on camera. Suddenly feels like we're so spoiled this era.
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  9. The interview is very special although her referencing the self-love stuff of Drag Race did make me cringe but that's just because I'm terminally online.
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  10. Not the Drag Race reference ddd truly Rina’s mutha!
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  11. [​IMG]

  12. 2x bopping to 'Find Love'.


    3x bopping to 'Face My Fears'.

  13. im gonna give it to you, I'll get a room a view
    im gonna give it to you, I'll get a room a view
    im gonna give it to you, I'll get a room a view

    Let’s go fast, then go slow
    Not too far, not too close

  14. Hearing Hikki drop "fuck" in "BAD MODE"
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  15. The live version of Face My Fears gave me goose bumps !

    Find Love is a bop.

    She did Hotel Lobby?! I'm DEAD. One of her best songs! I've dreamed about this performance since the NYC Exodus showcase.
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  16. This album is phenomenal, as expected. The three new tracks are all so good and so new for her. They should be so proud of this.

    Just gonna pretend the Face My Fears that made the standard track list is AG Cook’s version.
  17. I think this is easily my favorite Japanese Hikki album since Heart Station. Their decision to return to stranger soundscapes than we got on Fantôme and Hatsukoi was very much the correct one. Their songwriting is always world-class, but it really shines for me when supported by more experimental production. This album slots in nicely next to Exodus / ULTRA BLUE / Heart Station in that sense.

    "Find Love" really is the anthem I need right now.
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  18. Absolutely stellar album, and I'm glad I never hammered those singles so they still feel fresh. I think my prediction that this will end up as my favorite Utada project will pan out, I can't wait to get to know these songs even better.

    Also, my shoddy musical attention span means songs over 10 minutes are usually a no, unless they're really gripping (and most of those are Prince jams or epic Bjork remixes). I let all 12 minutes of Marseilles play through without being tempted to hit "next" once. Passed the test!
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  19. Wow. The album is absolutely stunning. I'm relieved we finally got here after a 3 year long singles run ddd but it is easily in the top end of their discography. Love all the warm R&B and jazz blended with their brand of delicate electronic pop. My immediate reference points for the production were somewhere between Distance and Exodus but so much more expansive. Every song is immaculately produced and constantly changing shape, building and falling apart.

    Somewhere Near Marseilles gets a bit indulgent but it's lush. A career high. Not In The Mood is my #1 right now too. What kind of trip hop masterpiece?
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