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Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Yes, I’d been quite lukewarm about it upon realise but it revealed all its treasures to me as the months turned cold last year and now I think it’s in their top 5.

    This record is a true return to form (no offence to the last few records, but this ticks a few boxes they didn’t).
  2. I genuinely think this is my second favourite record by them following after Ultra Blue at this stage, every song is a 10 and a sophisticated and lovingly made joy. Played Somewhere Near Marseille at a house party last night and it was a religious experience.
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  3. Yeah I'm going to echo the latest comment. I just finished my first listen and, just as I progressively expected when the pre-release singles came out one after the other, I also think this is their best album since Ultra Blue. This contains everything I want to hear from them, and even more.
  4. The way I could absolutely just live in the title track (I am finally getting time to listen to the alberm.)
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  5. AG's remix of Face My Fears is really great, even if it's missing my favourite part of the song (the bridge in Japanese).

  6. 'Not too far / Not too close' also easily being misheard for far, far saucer lyrics, their mind!
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  7. My pure mind doesn’t get it?
  8. I'll DM you
  9. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX3n5ra61YWjb

    Liner Voice+ notes on Spotify are out, just going through them now. 55 minutes of English commentary is so generous of them.

    Finally we know the origin of PINK BLOOD's title: "How it came about was, I was hanging out at a friend's house, and the host (well, the friend the house belonged to) said he had some pink champagne and some blood oranges and he's going to make a drink with them and it was delicious...when I saved it in Logic I needed to give it a file name and then I thought of the pink champagne and blood orange drink that was delicious and I put those together and I saved it as PINK BLOOD."

    Time was originally called Temozolomide, because Utada's best friend was taking it for chemotherapy while they were writing the song. There's some English lyrics for this but it wasn't complete, but they haven't given up on making a version of it for release someday.
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  10. The intro with Hikki rambling on about the dryer machine is iconic.
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  11. Not forgetting Sakura Drops!

    They are really spoiling us this month! Wow that Billboard interview - never expected to get an English interview never mind one that in depth!

    Loved the online concert - the setlist flowed so perfectly and getting Hotel Lobby and About Me was such a nice surprise!

    Can't wait to listen to the Liner Notes on Spotify (after I get my CD and listen to it that is). I wish more artists would do something like this. This is the sorta content from Spotify I want!
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  12. Hikki revealing they're completely uninterested in Kingdom Hearts is a scream. Skrillex and Poo Bear taking creative lead on "Face My Fears" makes a lot of sense. It's not bad, by any means. It's just missing something emotionally. I don't know.
  13. The hole they were digging while talking about Kingdom Hearts made me scream.

    I loved the insights into the songs, and although I would have loved even more nn, their ramblings before each song were so funny. Time is definitely the song that I came out of that with a completely new perspective on.

    The depth of the production on all these songs is insane. I'm having a moment with the percussion on Darenimo Iwanai today.
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  14. Nn I need to get through to the Kingdom Hearts part but just keep playing the title track!!!!
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  15. Over the years I've seen...videos and things
  16. Okay so I was sorta like warm about the singles but they absolutely make sense in the context of the album. It feels like someone put Ultra Blue and Heart Station in a blender. The whole thing is a vibe. This album feels made to light one up, sprawl on the sofa and just feel. And I think I’m gonna do just that! Dd

    The only one I’m not really feeling yet is ‘Not in the Mood’ and Face My Fears since it feels a bit out of place here.

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  17. Just watched Hotel Lobby live. Amazing!

    I really wish she would perform more Exodus songs, like my very own guilty pleasure, The Workout.
  18. I can’t believe they had the audacity to release the album of the year in January. The absolute gall.
  19. Right, so this has not only become my potential favourite album they’ve ever put out, but also one of my favourite records of all time…? The whole record is breathtaking and an actual work of art, I can’t see this being anything but the AOTY.
  20. I kind of agree? Maybe not in the pantheon of all time albums for me, but it very well could be there. It's very much a labor of love. Every song is exquisitely crafted, career best. It's all the bits and pieces of them, blended and mixed with modern and forward thinking soundscapes and the end result is honestly a complete vibe.
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