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Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. yes thank god and don’t you dare even suggest there will be others.
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  2. Honestly….that moment in Somewhere Near Marseilles where it feels like it's escalating, and then the percussion drops out as they sing the verse in Japanese makes me c*m.
  3. Joshua Minsoo Kim is writing the review so I think we’re in for a treat!
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  4. Yesterday I played their whole discography in shuffle and honestly... an immaculate body of work.

    I can't believe they invented violins and French with Ore no Kanojo

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  5. Not the biggest fan of Zane's interviews but thrilled all the same for more English content.
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  6. My 11 in the Utada Hikaru rate a few years ago (and it possibly still is).
  7. Wow that's amazing they're on Zane Lowe! Feels like Bad Mode is getting more attention than Exodus and This Is The One ever did.
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  8. That NPR article almost gave me a heart attack.
    The way I booked it to Spotify to make sure they hadn't taken it off without me knowing.
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  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    8.00 rating from Pitchfork.
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  11. Obviously it deserved better, but seeing a pop record beat Pitchfork’s 7.? slump feels like a triumph to me. I can’t see anything topping this as my AOTY at this rate.
  12. Reading this now and it really threw me off that Utada is just 39. For some reason I was always under the impression they were a bit older than the other big J-Pop divas, like mid/late 40s or so.
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  13. It is a little shocking thinking about how they are only 5 years older then me.dd

    Just goes to show just how young they were when they started and became a superstar AND how long they have been in the game! To release an album like BAD Mode this far along…a literal dream and a triumph.
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  14. It’s great to see this album getting more attention in the west media. They totally deserve it!
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  15. Oh. I only missed an album release and a concert because I wasn't keeping up with the thread...

    Thrilled with the reception and eager to dive in!
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  16. I am LOSING MY MIND right now as the physical of the deluxe came in and the Amazon promised print of the cover is literally the cover for the deluxe, as in THE GODDAMN SHIPPING LABEL GOOD BYEEEEE.
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  17. I mean Bad mode is one of the albums of the year....but the package is...fun.
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  18. would you say it put you in a bad mode?
  19. This album is everything. BAD is one of my fav songs of the year, I love the lyrics.
  20. Bad Mode is all shades of brilliance. Instantly a career top 3 honestly. The fact that the "here's a diazepam" chorus happens only once though... a gay hate crime!
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