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Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. It’s genuinely a masterpiece, the fact it’s that long and yet feels like it’s over in a second speaks volumes. Still not over them releasing their best album this far into their career.
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  2. Can I just say how incredibly frustrating it is to me that we live in a world where this verse:

    'The view of the hills is different from a window
    In Mid-City
    The loneliness in you is like a tempo
    You keep steady'

    and this one:

    'I go like, yeah, when the cash come
    Nuff being cool, I'ma have fun
    Summon my force by the bag, uh
    Might go to Met Gala with my main shawty
    And we dressed up like Daft Punk
    Hate you, we swervin' that Aston
    Martin, no Gina'

    can exist in the same song and no one bats an eyelid? What happened?!
  3. I don't see a problem with both co-existing.
    Neither lyrics are groundbreaking and are typical of both musicians.
    If anything I roll my eyes when non-Black folks use AAVE (which both of them are doing in this song), but it's so omnipresent that I ignore it.
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  4. They should push the title track. It's holding up really great at #2 on Spotify with 5m streams and counting.
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  5. Love that Hikki shops at Waitrose!

    Just watching the Coachella performance and was expecting all the feels when they opened with Simple & Clean. Thought I was over Kingdom Hearts these days! Not gonna lie I still think they should not bother doing the theme for KH4!
  6. A2DD33B4-BAA4-45E6-BC7E-EDA89E30C760.jpeg

    Posted this in the vinyl thread as well but, they all came! Can’t wait to listen to each one in order. I tend to jump around playing random songs and haven’t given a proper listen to the albums in awhile, BAD Mode the exception.
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  7. Fantôme is such a striking cover. My fave.
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  8. The vinyls look gorgeous! Something about seeing Distance/Deep River/Ultra Blue next to each other - what an era! Think I need to listen to these albums back to back!
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    Have I been listening to their English stuff all week because of this tweet? Yes, yes I have.

    On and On and This One (Crying Like a Child) remain amazing, and I will not hear a word against them.
  10. “What a day, young boy next door passed away” has me deceased
  11. And him too apparently

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  13. The live sessions from Air Studios are now available on Netflix! (At least in North America afaik.)
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  14. https://erj.lnk.to/G6t5Wd

    Air Studios audio available on streaming too, they're being so generous with content this era!
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  15. I discovered this soundtrack gem of theirs recently and have been it playing non-stop.
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  16. I’ve entered the World of Hikaru Utada’s discography and I’m ascending.
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  17. Returning to this album after a little while and I can still comfortably say this is album of the year.
  18. I’ve finally listened to Bad Mode and it’s officially my second favourite album this year after Preacher’s Daughter. It’s a beautiful album, simply stunning.
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  19. ''Exodus '04'' though... love.
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