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Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Do we need a full 12 minute version? Why yes, yes we do.
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  2. 3Xs


    Icon of staying near Marseille.

  3. All the song titles for BAD Mode on Spotify are no longer in Japanese characters all of a sudden and it's got me unreasonably miffed. I just saw the same thing with Cream Soda (Russian band, formerly in Cyrillic letters) this week and I hate how it seems to be happening more and more. (I know I can just edit my damn Last.fm and inevitably will, but it makes extra work and sometimes the edits don't stick.)
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  4. I noticed that today too! I hate it. The same thing happened to Hatsukoi eventually, although thankfully the rest of their discography is untouched.
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  5. mother said LUXURY BRANDS ONLY.
  6. Japanese titles are BACK @Isobel baby we won!!
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  7. Still living in daily awe of Bad Mode, truly their best record, and that’s saying something. Somewhere Near Marseilles and the title track are becoming some of my favourite songs of all time at this stage.
  8. Just listening to Bad Mode using earphones and One Last Kiss followed by Pink Blood - ooofff!
  9. For now, committed to my therapy
    I train with Hikki, three to five times a week

    Still such iconic lyrics.
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  10. ‘Pink Blood’ is truly spectacular, one of their finest achievements. One of those tracks that first sounds so fresh and bizarre you cant tell if its good or not, but in time you realize its just another masterpiece in a discography full of them.

    What an Incredible album, I still play it so regularly.
  11. The lyric is that Utada trains with Vicki, not themselves in third person. Utada talks about her being an online pilates coach here:

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  12. Pffffffft. I liked the lyrics better the other way …
  13. I was watching the NHK channel on cable and just managed to catch a Songs of Tokyo episode featuring Hikki. I caught their performance of the title track and the last portion of the interview, and they showed a couple of fan messages. This guy from the Netherlands talked about how their music has helped him through the death of his grandparents and being bullied because it was the only place where he felt safe. Hikki cried. I cried. I love them so much.


  14. Here it is with English subs for those who want to see it, I’m a mess!
  15. Thanks for the link, I kept missing the broadcast and I'm glad someone recorded it. Hope they continue doing shows like this.

    Also found the twitter account of the second fan they interviewed to realize he was the that one led to the iconic tweet:

    And it looks like the official recording is up on https://www.nhk.or.jp/songsoftokyo/ until October 26.
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  16. Also, that fan who says she is working for a Japanese company now all because she discovered “Automatic” watching TV as a child and decided to learn the language and go to Japan as a student. That was so legal guardian of Hikki! Monarch of domino effects and the employment office.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Really having a moment with this one today. Honestly this is one of my favorite songs they've ever released <333

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  18. Somewhere Near Marseilles performance for Spotify Japan's new Go Stream video series.

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  19. Teaser trailer for new series inspired by First Love (Utada’s music?) wasn’t expecting it to be so heteronormative but it’s Japan..hope to be surprised.
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