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Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Time Limit is in my top 5 right now.
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  2. I have "Parody" in mine.
  3. Parody is so fucking good like don't even tiny text this. The Unplugged verison uughghhghhGHHH.
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  4. I feel so close to you right now.
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  5. The self-referencing queen, I love Parody and the Unplugged performance is just so wonderful.
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  6. How do you know my birth name?
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  7. You self-reference it.
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  8. I know that a singles rate has been done on here in the past but I'd love to take part in a full discography rate in the future after Fantôme is released.
  9. I'm ready for this. The cover and that translated interview on the previous page were enough to order Fantôme. I have Deep River, Exodus, Ultra Blue and Heart Station and I've neglected them for so long. It's quite something to re-discover them (especially since Hikki was my J-pop first).

    The way she talks about the new album makes it feel perfect for autumn and winter. A more upbeat opener (Michi) and some consoling songs could be just what the doctor ordered. I can wait for another 'big' song till her next album (coinciding with Kingdom Hearts 3 please).
  10. That interview on the last page... The fact that this is actually happening... That it seems poised to be her most intense and possibly best collection of music ever...
  11. New Hikari/Simple and Clean remix for that KH 2.8 thing.

    Serving up Destiny Island flavour.
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  12. YES YES YES.
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  13. I would like to second the sentiments in this post.
  14. y'all that remix is destroying me today. I need the full thing. Please have a long edit.
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  15. Not Square digging up and resurrecting this song every couple years for additional slayage.
    A Mariah Carey track at Christmas time teas.
  16. Just dropping in to say I still bop to "This is The One."
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  17. I listened to a bit on twitter, I'll wait.

    -grips chair-
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  18. 3Xs


    Digging the sound of Michi A LOT.
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