Utada Hikaru - "Gold – Till the day we see each other again" + General Discussion

Not the biggest fan of Zane's interviews but thrilled all the same for more English content.

That NPR article almost gave me a heart attack.
While creating a blueprint for cross-national pop collaborations now rampant on today's charts, Utada was singing lines like, "I don't want to crossover / Between this genre, that genre," on their 2004 album Exodus. The highly avant-garde electronic album, which is not available on streaming services, has since gained a cult following among queer listeners in particular, likely for its disregard for stylistic conventions and queer-coded songs like, "You Make Me Want to Be a Man."
The way I booked it to Spotify to make sure they hadn't taken it off without me knowing.
Reading this now and it really threw me off that Utada is just 39. For some reason I was always under the impression they were a bit older than the other big J-Pop divas, like mid/late 40s or so.

It is a little shocking thinking about how they are only 5 years older then me.dd

Just goes to show just how young they were when they started and became a superstar AND how long they have been in the game! To release an album like BAD Mode this far along…a literal dream and a triumph.