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Utada Hikaru - PINK BLOOD

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. So Jevon is a rapper, huh. I wonder what the song would sound like.
  2. Me too, I think I only heard snippets of Forevermore, Anata, Chikai and the one for the soda commercial and it's been a while. So I'll think it in with a fresh mind.

    Love the cover. That's so Utada.
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  3. Honestly, I was obsessed with Forevermore and Anata when they came out so I'm excited to go back to them when the album comes on.
  4. I've barely listened to any of the tracks we've gotten so far. I'm kind of glad I haven't!
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  5. Having listened to all of the released songs so far more than 30 times, I'm not losing anything, because they are amazing.
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  6. Studio version of her Ringo tribute?

    It's so lovely. Nujabes vibes.

    Ooh, Good Night sounds incredibly promising.
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  7. Can anyone tell me what Pakuchī is, is it like a Japanese version of coriander? That's the song title which made me die, for me it was so unexpected to see that, I'm thinking it might be a children's song, like Boku wa Kuma is.

    I'm thinking the lyrics for Pakuchī no uta might go something like this: "Eat pakuchī, it's good for you, let's all eat pakuchī together, yaay!", more than likely I'm 100% wrong, but if it's written for a child, that's what I can think of, please don't think I'm taking the piss out of Hikaru because I'm not.
  8. I hate how confusing she's organized on iTunes. Same with Janet Jackson.
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  9. I don't understand why she doesn't change all her stuff to Hikaru Utada as that's her name order in Japanese, here's it's the opposite, Utada Hikaru.
  10. Actually, the last name comes first in Japanese : 宇多田ヒカル (Utada Hikaru).
  11. Why keep it as Utada Hikaru on some of her albums especially in non-Japanese speaking countries, when she's actually called Hikaru Utada, which is the name that her new album is under on iTunes and other streaming services, when I was typing that original post my head was elsewhere, sorry about that, this is so confusing to me, because apparently she doesn't go by Hikaru Utada elsewhere, just Utada which is weird to have your surname as your stage name especially in English speaking countries.
  12. That's because she/her label thought American people wouldn't be able to pronounce her first name.
  13. Let's call her Hikki.
  14. Yeah it does make sense, but why now is her new album being released under Hikaru Utada on iTunes instead of leaving it as it was?
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  15. I'm just glad she's releasing music in the west. So many j-acts avoid releasing in the west, at least a few years back. I remember getting into Chihiro Onitsuka, and fucking nothing was on iTunes.

    Dark Times.
  16. I really want to like it, but I’m not feeling the way she sings the chorus for “Hatsukoi”. The rest of the song is fine though, so I’ll try to let it grow on me a bit more.
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