Utada Hikaru - SCIENCE FICTION + General Discussion


Electricity sounds very exciting! I'm praying for an up-tempo. Naniirodemonai Hana has me fed in the ballad department.


I'm sad that shipping costs from Japan are so insane. I want the album but I also need to make financially liable decisions because let's face it, I just want it to put it on a shelf somewhere. I don't even own a CD player anymore. I hope some Western store will stock it soon.
I'm hoping the Sci Fi edit ain't just a 3 min version!

I am loving the daily release of the 4K PVs! I mean, I wouldn't have even noticed if they had left out Prisoner of Love (not a fan of that style of video) but they all look amazing! So sharp and shiny!
Yeah I'm curious what the edit ends up as. The vocal parts are pretty repetitive and I'm not sure they'll lend themselves well to a structured radio edit. The strength of the song comes from the amorphous instrumental and the overall atmosphere. I'd like to see it remixed, maybe some new vocals, etc. And a proper video!
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I look forward to hearing the new mix of Automatic but might save it for when my CD arrives!

Automatic is also...not one of my fave PVs - that text!!